It feels like forever since classes started: summer was too damn short and Christmas break is too damn far away. The lectures, tutorials, and practicals just stretch the time out even more, making every second in Con Hall or the Chem Eng building feel like years of purgatory. So without further ado, here's 20 signs that you've probably been at UofT for far too long.

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1. Your closet is full of of UofT paraphernalia from the Bookstore, ranging from Varsity Blues sweaters to mugs and accompanying coasters

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2. Facebook study groups are no longer used for studying; you use them to stalk your hot profs instead

(To the people in PSL300: you know who you are!)

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3. You know the campus and area like the back of your hand but hate people when stop you to ask for directions

Seriously, you have 10 minutes to make it from St. Mike's to the Med Sci building or whatever and you can only make it if you run. Please don't stop us, lost people. There are literally maps of UofT posted throughout campus that you could consult instead.

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4. You're on top of all the social happenings in Sid Smith but you're too lazy to get dressed and haul yourself out the door, even if there are freebies.

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5. Whenever you see a tour bus enter King's College Circle, you know you're going to have to fight your way through a crowd of crazy picture-taking tourists on your way to and from class.

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6. You no longer feel the need to take pictures of every squirrel you see in Queen's Park.

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7. You know to work your schedule around so that you're completely free on Fridays to nurse a biting hangover from Thursday parties.

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8. The first thing you scout out on Blackboard are the lecture recordings - so maybe you can get some shut eye and skip that 8AM lecture.

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9. You've used up all your CR/NCR options on ROSI because you thought those irrelevant "bird" courses would be easier.

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10. You're forever cursing the ROSI-ACORN transition right now.

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11. When the social divide between the 7 campus residences is no longer important.

Even if you are a froshie, by the second week of classes in, you should have figured out by now that it's us vs. the university. Unite in a common enemy.

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12. Walking across campus counts as your daily exercise

Did you know cutting across the St. George campus is about 2.5km long? I'm pretty sure it counts as exercise.

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13. The most "school spirit" you'll ever experience is during Frosh week.

When you'll passively listen (from the safety of your res) to the 7 colleges cheer their hearts out marching around Toronto

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14. You use the Hart House Club's Day to stock up on free food, buttons, and a bunch of club flyers from clubs you intend to join but never really make it out to in the end.

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15. You realize that 'Hart' House is the closest thing UofT will ever have to a heart

Especially when it comes to grading your midterms and finals.

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16. You don't fight with your TAs for marks anymore, just as long as you passed.

...and as long as your parents don't find out.

Simply put: not worth the energy.

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17. You start to 'steal' gloves from bio labs at Ramsay Wright and Lash Miller.

Unless you actually have chem courses with labs, lining up for an hour at the chem club to buy their gloves is totally overrated and a waste of time. And technically it's not even stealing, right? You paid a lab fee for a reason.

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18. When your TAs start to put up notifications on Blackboard asking students to differentiate between their first and last names.

...and dock you marks if they can't figure it out.

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19. When returning a textbook to the Bookstore because you found a torrented one online is the best feeling in the world.

And now, you can spend that extra few hundred dollars you saved from textbooks on more important things... like pumpkin spice lattes.

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20. When you finally do graduate, you don't know what to do with all the freedom you have and feel completely lost again.

That feeling of being a freshman just hit you all over again when you're abruptly thrown into the adult world. But at least you're free from UofT now, unless you've decided to pursue a graduate or professional degree. Just great.