Growing up as a Jewish girl in Toronto you get a much different perspective of Judaism then you would in any other Canadian city. There are the basic rights of passage such as your Bat Mitzvah, and then the less typical life path such as attending Huron University in London, Ontario.

Whether you ended up knowing all of the 20 signs, or just a few as a Jewish Girl in Toronto we all share many of the same experiences; nagging over protective mothers, and the ability to drink Manishewitz like a champ!

1. You know every lyric to YMCA and Doctor Jones

And the corresponding dance moves for each, thank you Magen Boys!

2. You patiently waited 10 months for your parents to ship you off to sleepover camp

you lived as lavishly as a Queen thanks to indoor plumbing and electricity outlets (handy for your straightening iron to deal with your 'jew frizz')

3.Having extra days off from school was a blessing thanks to the High Holidays

It also gave you a chance to scope out the attractive boys at Shul, and look fabulous doing it...Tnt Kids was the best!

4. You were privileged enough to have an awesome stash of Kosher wine from your parents

Assisted your friends in some standard under age also helped build your tolerance for gross tasting liquor!

 5. Your uniform was Uggs and sweats with a cheesy word on the butt

We can all be grateful to Camp Connection for that. Also, was it really necessary to have "juicy" on your 'tush'?

 6. You finally got that fabulous initial ring you wanted for you're Bat Mitzvah

Courtesy of Mark Lash, or Tiffany's.

7. If you didn't make it to Sporting Life before the end of November, you would not be able to get your hands on a suitable size and colour of Canada Goose

And really how can you survive the winter without one!

8. Ferraro Eglinton and Edo are classic restaurants

Assisted in Jewish Toronto girl's love of sushi, and amazing salads!

9. You spent once a week at Track

Already staying on top of your fitness.

10.  You had a Motorola Razr, Blackberry Pearl and lastly the Iphone

It's pretty impossible to see a girl, let alone a Jewish Toronto girl without her access to technology-or more specifically her social life.

11. You never missed the opportunity to take pics in the Distillery with Santa

Even getting a 'Chanukah Bush' so you can have the lights and decorations too!

12. You still have the same group of friends you went to Pre School with at Temple Sinai

Following each other to middle school, high school and finally university.

13. Choosing a school to go to for university was not difficult

You followed every other Toronto Jewish girl and attended Huron University.

14. You have been getting your Keratin done since age 13

You don't even remember what your natural hair looks like.

15. Amy's Fancy Club was a go-to stop for a quick manicure and pedicure

Ensuring your nails were in great shape.

16. You spent at least 3 hours a week at Roland & Romaine

Learning Tap, Jazz, and if you were lucky you even made it into 'company'.

17. A Jewish Toronto girl can't survive the summer with out a pair of Tikees

Which she has in at least two different colours.

18. Brunch was a no brainer, and you couldn't survive the weekend without a stop at your favourite kosher restaurants

WAB, United Bakers, Yitz's- all staple locations for your weekend craving.

19. Birthright was an obvious choice, you couldn't pass up a free trip to the Homeland!

Followed by an endless fun summer of travelling around Italy and Greece. There is also the added bonus of sexy IDF soldiers.

20. Toronto Jewish girl's vacation in Florida at The Diplomat

You can find them all migrating south during Chanukah (for the Matzah Ball of course), and not eating bread is only ok if your doing it while tanning!