Whether you're new to Sheridan College or an alumni, you'll all know of these struggles  too well. Every school has their unique struggles, and Sheridan College definitely has its own Mr. Dressup bag full. Being an art campus, with a mix of a few random business programs, you basically have a recipe for some weird things to happen on a way too regular basis.

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1. Being so close to Toronto but not in Toronto

You may feel like you’re moving to the “big city”, but in reality you’re moving to the GTA. It feels so close, but it’s just so far away.

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2. Not getting a frosh week before classes start

What do you mean I need to balance partying every night on top of classes during the first week of school?

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3. Being a commuter school

Nobody is around to hangout, and nobody stays on campus because everyone lives with their parents in driving distance away.

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4. Trying to find student housing because you didn't get into residence

Oh it must be nice going to a school where every first year gets into residence.

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5. Your friends don't come to visit because who wants to come to Oakville?

If they’re going to visit a friend away at school, they’ll probably pick the ones that don’t live in a retirement/rich family community.

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6. Having nowhere to party other than the school pub

I mean, what if you want to party any other day but Thursday nights?

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7. The high school kids that take up all the room in the cafeteria

Remind me why high school kids are allowed to sit and buy food from the cafeteria? The balls of the kids these days [shakes head].

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8. Feeling like an outcast when you're not artsy or hipster

Don’t you love feeling like an outcast on campus because you’re in one of the few business programs left at the Trafalgar campus?

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9. Trying to find a spot to sit in the learning commons

Where schools have libraries to work in, we have the learning commons—and if you find a spot, you should guard it with your life (especially at the Apple computers).

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10. Spending your entire day in the learning commons and not being able to eat

One cannot simply work all day and night in the learning commons without eating. Come on people, what do you expect us to do?

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11. Questioning the war wounds on students walking by

Is that a real gash on your forehead, or are you in the special effects program?

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12. Being a poor student living in a rich city

When you have to go on a hunt to find a Dollar Store, you got a problem.

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13. Having to specify which campus you go to to everyone

Yes I go to Sheridan in Oakville, not Mississauga or Brampton!

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14. Not having a Starbucks on campus (or close by)

Who builds a school without a Starbucks? And since when do people go to Second Cup?

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15. Homecoming? What's homecoming?

No seriously… what is it?

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16. Not even knowing where the athletic centre is… or that we have one

Seriously… how long did you go before you figured out how to get there?

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17. Trying to get used to the students spontaneously breaking out into song and dance in the hallways

Two words: theater students.

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18. Getting super frustrated when the Brampton or Mississauga campus gets an awesome event

One does not simply travel to another city for an awesome event at another campus, bring that shit to us!

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19. The long lines at Tim Horton's and the bookstore

One day I’ll get there… one day.

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20. Being surrounded by sketchy woods

So you think it’s nice having forested areas around campus? It’s nice until you seriously fear for your life walking home at night.