If you're a cashier, you'll probably agree that the customer service life is all but fun and games. It may be alright at first, but over time the annoying things that customers do start to chip away at you little by little. Here are 20 things shoppers do that get you raging:

1.When you're just about to clock out and a customer stops you.

What the hell, Martha.

2. When you're about to head on your break and a customer stops you.

Martha you need to stop.

3. When a customer pays completely in loonies, toonies or quarters.

Can you not.

4. When a customer pays for one or two things with a $100 bill.

You betta back dat Robert Borden-ass paper up into yo wallet, SIR.

5. When your store is bumpin' Drake tracks but you can't jam out 'cause you're with a customer.

Drake be summoning the booty at the wrong time.

6. When the store gets mad busy but you're on break.

So you just watch your coworkers struggle. #NotYoProblem

7. When a customer tells you how nice the weather is in Toronto.

How nice for you!!!!!

8. Dealing with customers during a morning shift, after having gone out to Tryst the night before.

May God be with you.

9. When a customer holds the line because she forgot to get something at the other side of the store.

She better hurry up before they get the pitchforks out.

10. When a customer tries to be sly with an outdated coupon but the expiry date is in clearly stated (in big font).

Not today, Louise.

11. When you have to deal with a Toronto Coupon Nazi.

Toronto Coupon Nazi: A ratchet with a coupon book.

12. When a customer argues that an item is on sale because it said so on the signage.

Well you read wrong, mama.

13. When a customer says an item should be free because it didn't scan.

In what world??

14. When you genuinely look in the back room for a customer and she says "Did you even look?"

No, I had a picnic back there.

15. When you just finished scanning all of a customer's items and she says "Never mind, I don't want any of these."

You owe me ten minutes of my life back.

16. When people still line up even though your light is off.

Girl, bye.

17. When customers complain about the prices as if you made them.


18. When a product is missing a price tag.

So now what?

19. When none of your coworkers are free to get you a price check.

Excuse me while I bang my head repeatedly on this counter.

20. When the customer's card gets declined and they blame the machine for not working.

Girl, stop lying to yourself. You broke.