Growing up in the 905: it's both a blessing and a curse. If you grew up in Markham, you probably remember how bad Highway 7 used to be and you probably remember watching movies at First Markham Place. There were a lot of struggles growing up in Markham (like not being able to get anywhere without a car) but there were also a lot of good things that came out of it (like all the good memories).

Here are some things you might be able to relate to if you're from Markham.

1. You remember when Markham was a town, not a city.

As of 2012.

2. You remember how Markville Mall used to look like.

And you're loving how much they've upgraded.

3. You watched movies at Cineplex at First Markham Place.

Finding parking was a struggle between everyone parking to eat at all the restaurants. RIP Cineplex FMP – the new location is in Downtown Markham.

4. You went skating at the Civic Centre every winter.

Before you started going downtown and skating at Nathan Phillips Square.

5. You went to festivals at the Civic Centre during the summer.

And you endured the stinky tofu at Night It Up.

Photo cred – @itsjuuules

6. You enjoy ice cream at Old Firehall in Unionville every summer.

Forever waiting in lineups.

7. You've gotten used to all the terrible drivers everywhere.

Welcome to Markham!

8. Driving on Highway 7 was Hellway 7.

Driving on Highway 7 during construction was hell for years. At least a lot of it has cleared up now.

9. You spent a lot of nights playing pool at Master Q.

It was the place to be.

10. You know all the good spots to get Chinese food.

Ding Tai Fung, anyone?

11. You grew up playing Runescape and MapleStory with all your friends.

The ultimate throwback.

12. You went to Unionville, St. Augustine, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Milliken Mills, Bill Crothers, or Markham District.

And you knew people from all the other high schools.

13. You've been to ESC-IT or Trapped at least once.

Or you know people who've gone.

14. You worked out at the YMCA gym.

The indoor running track was so nice.

15. You frequented the Warden and Highway 7 McDonald's.

Because it was 24 hours.

16. You went to Go For Tea or Green Grotto for bubble tea.

Before Chatime existed.

17. When someone in your friend group got their G1, they carpooled you and your friends everywhere.

Because getting around in Markham without a car is a struggle.

Photo cred – @iliketransitbuses

18. You took the VIVA Purple often.

You used tickets, because they didn't have PRESTO back then.

19. You know someone who's been fined for sneaking onto the VIVA.

AKA the Free-VA.

20. You wish they had the new Highway 7 bus shelters 5 years ago.

So much nicer than the old bus shelters.