For a big and busy city, Toronto is pretty clean. But even though our streets may somewhat be clean, doesn't mean all Torontonians follow clean practices. We may not realize it at first but there are some dirty things that go on in this city; whether it's hooking up in an alley way or rolling in the grass under years of dog poop. Here are few things that people do around the city that are pretty freaking gross.

1. Touch the TTC pole for 30 minutes and then proceed to eating a slice of Pizza Pizza.

Photo cred - Giphy

2. In fact, eating any type of meal on the TTC.

Photo cred - Kevin Varadain

3. Eat the street meat from Dundas Square that has been cooking in a hot metal box all day.

4. Put their bags, purses and other belongings on the TTC floor and then place it on their lap or drop it all over their home

5. Not sanitizing the lipstick from Mac before trying it on.

6. Put makeup all over their face from the testers at Sephora.

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7. Then proceed to try on all the white clothes at Zara and leave their orange makeup all over it.

And of course, the top with all the makeup on it is the one in your size and they don't have extras.

8. Or try on all the black clothes in American Apparel and leave dirty white deodorant marks everywhere.

9. Lay or sit on the grass at Trinity Bellwoods without a blanket under years of dog pee and poop.

Photo cred - Giphy

10. Re-use the yoga mats at Good Life without cleaning it first, or use them without a towel underneath.

I've seen people not wipe those after using them!

11. Girls that take their heels off after the club and walk the whole of King St. barefoot.

We've all been guilty of this at least once.

Photo cred - Graduate Gone Gaga

 12. Wear flip flops all day around the city, take the TTC and come home with their feet black as night.

13. Use the washrooms in run down bars that many normal humans would be horrified of.

Omg The Maddy...

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14. Pee behind parked cars in the parking lot before entering the Citizen.

That line up is just too long.

15. Share cigarettes with people you just met outside of Hoxton.

16. Thrift shop at Kind Exchange or Value Village and don't wash the clothes before wearing them.

I doubt the store washes the clothes they receive. And then you wonder why can never get that dirty vintage smell out.

17. Bed bugs.

The amount of bed bug reports in this city is ridiculous. How does one even get bed bugs?

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18. Stuff left over sushi in your purse from All You Can Eat.

No one wants to pay for left over sushi they can't finish!

19. Enjoy eating the weirdest and grossest food at the CNE.

Remember that Krispy Kreme Doughnut Burger a few years back? Why would anyone eat that?!

20. Have any type of sex on the TTC.

Are you f*cking serious right now?