Living in a city as incredible as Toronto definitely has its perks.  From the countless number of trendy restaurants, cultural events and music festivals and even a pretty good lineup of nightlife options -- there is something to do every night of the week! (And if you don't agree with this, maybe you just aren't checking out the right spots...)

But of course, Torontonians can all agree to disagree on what bars or clubs they prefer.  Maybe your into cheering on the Jays or your favourite sports team and then partying all night at the Dog and Bear.  Or you prefer sipping on specialty cocktails in a tucked-away hideaway like Cold Tea.  Or maybe you are more into getting 'lost' and rubbing shoulders with some of Toronto's elite at Lost and Found.

But no matter what scene your into, Toronto girls tend to have the same thoughts while waiting to get let into their favourite bar or club..

1. What time does the last TTC ride go at again?  I can't afford to cab all the way back to Scarborough again.

2. If one more guy tells me he works on Bay Street, I'm switching bars.

3. Were NEVER going to make it inside.  I knew we should have left before midnight..I'm never go to a pre in the annex again.

 4. If I get asked for spare change or a lighter one more time.. I'm going to lose it.

  5. I wonder if Poutinis will still be open when I head home..

 6.  I hope the DJ plays a few songs from 'What A Time To Be Alive..'

7. How is this place at capacity? 10 people just left.. Watch it totally be empty inside. They should cram this place like Gracies...

 8. How the did that girl get in before me? Since when did wearing a 'Toronto VS Everybody' shirt qualify as going out attire?

 9. Oh shit.  I recognize that guy... I think I made out with him at El Furniture Warehouse.. Yep.

 10. Ugh, I have to pee.. I wonder if there is a washroom attendant like at the Hoxton.  After waiting in this line for so long I could definitely use some extra hairspray and maybe some perfume.

 11. We could always go to the Thompson Diner after this..

 12. I recognize that guy from a photo from the Fring's party... Maybe he knows Drake.

 13. Wasn't that girl on Degrassi?

 14. I wonder if there is cover? If its $20 like at F-Stop, I'm out.

 15. They should sell Chipotle here... I'm hungry.

 16. Well if this place fails, at least we can hit up UG3.. The bouncers know me by name there..

 17. My drink comps still better work if we don't get inside in time..I refuse to pay for drinks.  A night out at Cube is basically like one months rent.


19. I think my buzz is wearing off.  I knew I should have snuck that water bottle of vodka onto the street car..

 20. I should have just picked up Sweet Jesus and had a serious 'Netflix and Chill' night at home.