In Toronto, there's really no shortage of things to do any weekend of the year. There's always parties, events, festivals and art fairs that will keep us busy all weekend long. 

This weekend is especially exciting because it's the right weekend before Halloween, since Halloween unfortunately falls on a Tuesday this year. So that means that this weekend is Halloweekend! 

Whether you want to party every single night, explore the haunted areas of the city, or do anything but celebrate Halloween, there's something for everyone to enjoy. 

Thursday, October 26th- 2017

Friday, October 27th- 2017 

Saturday, October 28th- 2017

Sunday, October 29th- 2017 

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Thursday, October 26th-2017 

1. Enjoy This Weekend And Take A Haunted Tour After Dark 

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Fort York, one of Toronto's historic bloody battle sites, is hosting a haunted after dark tour of it's grounds. There's stories of creepy occurrings within these grounds late at night, so who knows what you might run into around the next dark corner!

When: Wednesday, October 25th-Friday, October 27th @ 7:30 pm

Where: Fort York National Historic Site

Price: $13.27


2. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To Art Toronto Opening Night

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The AGO is holding Canada's top contemporary and modern art fair again this year and the opening night is this Thursday! Their opening night is a benefit to support and raise money for the AGO but the following nights are open to the public for a much smaller admission fee.

Where: Metro Toronto Convention Centre

When: Thursday, October 26th-Monday, October 30th

Price: $225 (opening night party) $22 (regular admission)


3. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To The Legends Of Horror Event

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Casa Loma has been hosting their huge haunted house event all month long and if you haven't been yet this is absolutely the weekend to go! Experience a terrifying and thrilling immersive theatrical event with classic horror characters stalking you throughout the entire night.

When: September 29th-October 31st

Where: Casa Loma

Price: $40-$45


4. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To The Huge Vintage Clothes Festival

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The west end of Toronto is filled with the best vintage shops in town and it's the location where a huge vintage crawl is taking place this Thursday! There's a whole 45 vendors participating that will take you to the classics in Kensington like Courage My Love and Sub Rosa, and then over to shops on Queen West like House Of Vintage and Penny Arcade!

When: Thursday, October 26th @ 5-11pm

Where: All over the west end

Price: Free to crawl, just price of clothes!


5. Enjoy This Weekend And Check Out The Super Cool Mojito Bar 

via @mariahdontcareyy

This adorable mojito bar located on Bloor West is the most fun way to experience the Philippines right here in the city! Dolly's Mojito Bar has a menu of 5 different mojitos each with it's own unique flavour, a rum flight menu and classic Filipino foods to snack on while you drink!

Where: Dolly's Mojito Bar

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Friday, October 27th- 2017

1. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To A Haunted Halloween Party

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The beautiful new Broadview Hotel that just opened up in Leslieville is hosting a huge Halloween blowout this Friday night. They're going to dress up the place like a massive haunted house and they'll be playing all kinds of great music from Hip Hop to Throwbacks to Reggae all night long!

When: Friday, October 27th @ 9pm-2am

Where: The Broadview Hotel

Price: $25-$30


2. Enjoy This Weekend And Go On A Haunted Ghost Walk 

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The Exhibition Place is hosting a haunted ghost walk through the grounds this Friday night. The Exhibition grounds are said to be haunted because it was the site a bloody battle back during the War of 1812. Here stories and tales of paranormal experiences in the very spot you'll be standing in.

When: Friday, October 27th @ 7pm

Where: The Exhibition Place

Price: $10


3. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To A Horror Movie Screening 

via @agotoronto

The AGO has been screening scary movies every Friday night from the beginning of October and this Friday is no exception! The big movie they'll be showing this week is the famous "Halloween", the classic horror movie with the serial killer Michael Meyers on the loose!

When: Friday, October 27th @ 10pm-12am

Where: The AGO

Price: $12


4. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To A Stranger Things Halloween Party

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Everyone loves an 80s dance party but mix it with a fun Halloween event AND a Stranger Things theme and you've got yourself an awesome night. There will be 80s music played all night long, 80s horror movie character/villain costumes and tons of dancing!

When: Friday, October 27th @ 10pm-2am

Where: The Opera House

Price: $5


5. Enjoy This Weekend And See Ripley's Aquarium After Dark

If you're looking for a Halloween party that's different than the usual club night, this is definitely it. Drink, dance and party with the sharks at this one night only event!

When: Friday, October 27th

Where: Ripley's Aquarium

Price: $28


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Saturday, October 28th- 2017

1. Enjoy This Weekend And Go On A Haunted Scavenger Hunt

via @notablelife

Urban Capers, a company that makes engaging and fun scavenger hunts throughout the city is hosting a special Halloween themed scavenger hunt called "Haunted Toronto". They'll take you to the most haunted places in all of Toronto like the graveyard at Yorkville, the insane asylum, and to residents of the country's founding fathers.

When: Thursday, October 26th-Tuesday, October 31st @ 7pm

Where: Urban Capers Scavenger Hunts

Price: $29.99


2. Enjoy This Weekend And Try The Terrifying 18+ Escape Game 

via @escapegames

Escape Games Canada has a location in North York and they just released a new game called The Unknown and it's as terrifying as it sounds. The description on their site explains that participants will not know anything about their mission going in, expresses the fact that it's 18+ and those with heart conditions should be warned. That's pretty scary if you ask me...

Where: Escape Games Canada

Price: $26.55


3. Enjoy This Weekend And Take A Haunted Walk Through High Park

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There's obviously tons of haunted events taking place in Toronto this weekend but this one might be the most intense scary experience of them all. Since High Park is known for it's paranormal activity late at night so only the brave should enter after dark. Hear chilling legends and ghost tales as you tour the creepy grounds.

When: Friday, October 27th-Sunday, October 29th

Where: High Park

Price: $32.50


4. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To A Huge Halloween Costume Ball

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The FoutainBlu Event Venue is hosting a huge Halloween Ball this weekend with a huge costume contest to show of your amazing creations! They'll have drinks, dancing and amazing music going all night long.

When: Saturday, October 28th @ 10pm-2:30am

Where: FountainBlu Event Venue

Price: $20


5. Enjoy This Weekend And Try The New Tiramisu Spot 

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This amazing new Tiramisu chain from Korea just opened up a location in Toronto at the end of September and you absolutely have to try it out! They serve their tiramisu in amazing flavours like matcha, strawberry, chocolate and original! They're served in super cute gold goblets so you can feel like royalty while you enjoy your yummy dessert.

Where: Kiss The Tiramisu

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Sunday, October 29th- 2017

1. Enjoy This Weekend And Go To A 12 Hour Dance Party 

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Club 120 is hosting a 12 hour dance party for Halloween for people that can't stop won't stop partying. The event starts late Saturday night, or Sunday morning at 4am and goes until Sunday afternoon until 4pm. You can enjoy a mix of house beats and explore the different levels of the club for a marathon event.

When: Sunday, October 29th @ 4am-4pm

Where: Club 120

Price: $18.50


2. Enjoy This Weekend And Watch A Screening Of E.T. 

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Throwback Cinema is hosting a special Halloween event where they'll be screening a classic movie that we all know and love, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Where costumes, win prizes and watch a beloved movie on the big screen!

When: Sunday, October 29th @ 1:30pm

Where: Revue Cinema

Price: $9-$12


3. Enjoy This Weekend And Run In The 5k or 10k Monster Dash 

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Have a super fun time running in full costume for Halloween and raise money for the Ontario Science Centre! Sign up for either the 5km or 10km run/walk and spend your Sunday trick or treating and having Halloween-themed fun.

When: Sunday, October 29th @ 4:30pm

Where: Ontario Science Centre

Price: Personal pledge


4. Enjoy This Weekend And Get Classy Drunk At The Vodka Bar 

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Feel like you've been transported directly to Russia when you walk into this classy vodka bar in Toronto. They offer an extensive vodka menu with amazing cocktails that you have try with your friends.

Where: Pravda Vodka House

5. Enjoy This Weekend And Try The Hidden Sangria Lounge 

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If you're like most people, you're absolutely obsessed with sangria and you need to discover this cute spot in Roncesvalles that specializes in this amazing drink. They serve all kinds of this fruity wine drink that will leave you refreshed and a little bit tipsy.

Where: Sangria Lounge