Whether it's paying the bill at dinner or liking your insta pic when you ask him to, you have to admit it - your boyfriend is a pretty great guy. He is your shoulder to lean on, cry on and sleep on. He is your better half. He puts up with your awful cooking, obnoxious outbursts and grumpy fits out of love.

And maybe once or twice (or every time), you've forgotten to thank him for these things. The little things mean the most and sometimes that's forgotten in busy, every day life. Show how much you appreciate your boyfriend by sharing this article so he knows exactly what you're thankful for.

Thank you...

1. For always agreeing with me (even though we both know I'm wrong).

2. For letting me wear your t-shirts to bed.

3. For dealing with the dead arm because I always have to be little spoon.

4. For always picking a place to eat whenever I say "I don't care where we eat."

5. For letting me be grumpy when I don't like the place you choose.

6. For going to social events with me because I know you hate getting dressed up.

7. For taking care of me during that one week of the month you hate.

8. For driving me anywhere and everywhere.

9. For watching rom coms with me (even though I know you secretly enjoy them too).

10. For waiting to start the next episode in a Netflix series until I'm with you.

11. For making me food when "I can't even."

12. For letting me eat the food off your plate after I've finished mine.

13. For agreeing to take selfies with me because I know you hate being in pictures.

14. For acting like you care about what that bitchy girl at work did.

15. For agreeing that she is a bitch.

16. For accepting the fact that I shed everywhere.

17. For understanding how much time it takes to get my eyeliner wings just right.

18. For kissing me in front of your friends and accepting the shit they give you for doing it.

19. For doing dumb things just to make me laugh.

20. For being not only my boyfriend, but also my best friend.

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