20 Things You'll Only See At The University Of Waterloo

Water water water! Loo loo loo!
20 Things You'll Only See At The University Of Waterloo

Ah, Waterloo. There's no other university like it; with its quirky buildings, Bomber Wednesdays and overpopulation of geese. No matter how much UW students complain about it, they still love it. Once a Warrior, always a warrior.

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Here are 20 things you'll only see at the University of Waterloo:

Students sporting suit and backpack combinations

Quintessential co-op fashion.

Geese mafias

These geese don't play around...

Hoards of Canada Goose jackets

To survive the horrid winters (and to mock the geese).

A building that's supposed to look like a microchip but doesn't

All I see is a sad red and yellow mess.

The most dedicated LoL players ever

If they have to bring their desktops to lectures just to play, they might actually do it.

Perpetual loading wheels because your browser is forever trying to connect to D2L

Edurom, y u no work?

Engineering kids forever contemplating whether they really need this degree or not

At least once.

Random people on unicycles

Honestly, they unicycle better than they walk.

Kids walking to school during the worst snow storm in history

UW doesn't believe in snow days.

Frequent near misses due to daredevils jaywalking on Ring Road

And cars forever going skrrrrrrt.

Science kids spontaneously busting out S.S.D. moves

S.S.D. for lyfe.

A building that literally looks like a sugar cube

That has a random Christmas tree on top of it during the holidays.

Missed connections in action

And immediately posted on OMGUW soon after they occur.

The same juice heads at CIF proving that they do lift, bro

They stay mirin each other's gains.

Long line-ups at Bomber

Even during midterm season.

The same people at the same tables in DC from the night before

Dedication to studying (or pretending to study) runs deep at UW.

AFM kids stressing about Mikes Bikes.

File under #AFMstruggles.

Barely anyone on campus on Friday nights.

Because everyone's at the Laurier area where the parties are better.

Lost students in the PAS

We can't expect any less from a building designed to resemble the complexity of the human brain.

Waterloo sweatpants galore.

Especially the ones with "Waterloo" in block letters running down one leg.

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