20 Things Your Girlfriend Really Wants For Valentine's Day

How to make your gf happy 101.
20 Things Your Girlfriend Really Wants For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming faster than you can say "Tinder is overrated". It feels like just last week we were holiday shopping for Christmas presents and now here we are, already in the mood for Valentine's Day. I don't know about you, but I'm like the worst at finding presents to buy people. Whether it's for a Christmas gift, a birthday gift or even a Valentine's Day present.

So in case you have the same problem, here are 20 things your girlfriend wants for Valentine's Day :

1. Her favorite perfume... might we suggest Nirvana by Elizabeth&James.

2. A shopping spree at Victoria's Secret.

3. Tickets to go to Book of Mormon.

4. A night at the Thompson Hotel.

5. Strawberries dipped in chocolate, with a great bottle of wine.

6. A couples' photoshoot.

7. Godiva chocolate.

8. A box of Nügateau's éclair.

9. One of these fitness classes so she can achieve her #beachbodgoals. 

10. Dinner at her favourite restaurant.

11. Or a nice diner that you cooked all by yourself.

12. A day at one of Toronto's greatest spas.

13. Books, if she's a huge reader.

14. The complete season of her favourite TV show.

15. A dozen of red roses...or two dozen if you're feeling fancy.

16. A love letter.

17. Gift cards from her fave shops.

18. Wine... lots of wine.

19. A night of amazing sex.

20. If all else fails, get her some jewellery.

21. (Bonus): massage oil... because yes.