We get it, dating in Toronto can get expensive.  Between the endless amounts of cool restaurants, awesome festivals, and constant concerts you can easily rack up a pretty big bill after treating your S/O.  Plus with the added stress of the Holidays, it seems like everybody's paycheques are getting spent a little faster than usual.

Although, there are definitely a few ways to get around emptying your wallet on date night.  For your convenience, we have compiled a list of 20 Toronto date ideas that won't have you cringing at your bill, but will definitely still keep you and your special someone entertained!

Have fun Toronto! 

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1. Take a walk through High Park.

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2. Go thrifting in Parkdale.

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3. Take advantage of Winterlicious / Summerlicious.

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4. Watch a free show at Yonge and Dundas.

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5. Visit the Toronto Christmas Market (on a weekday).

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6. Go skating at Nathan Philips Square.

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7. Watch a sunset at Riverdale Park

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8. Grab dinner at the Dime

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9. Visit the winter village at Ever Green Brickworks

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10. Go coffee shop hopping on Queen West

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11. Explore Kensington Market

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12. Take a visit to Cloud Gardens

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13. Plan a picnic at Trinity Bellwoods Park

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14. Go plane watching at Billy Bishop

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15. Curl up with a good book together at the Toronto Reference Library

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16. Take your S/O to see some adorable animals at the High Park Zoo

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17. Visit the love locks at the Distillery District

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18. Take a picturesque walk to the Scarborough Bluffs.

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19. Treat your sweet tooth and make smores together at home!

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20. Take your bae on a walking tour of Toronto's Best Christmas Lights.

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