20 Toronto Student Discounts You Need to Know

If you're a student living in Toronto, these are definitely worth checking out
20 Toronto Student Discounts You Need to Know

Living the student life is hard. Living the student life in a city like Toronto is a whole other ballgame due to the copious amounts of exciting things to do.

Having to pay off loans and rent while fighting off the urge to waltz into the shops on Queen St. is a very difficult concept. Luckily for us students, some of the retailers, restaurants and even transportation companies understand what it’s like to go through student life, and have been generous enough to come up with discounts for students. They want us to be able to afford to have a life, how thoughtful! Here are some student discounts that you MUST know about if you are a student in Toronto:

1. Topshop – 10% off

Fortunately for us Canadians, our favourite UK brand has opened branches of their store across a few provinces, one of them being Ontario, yay! Toronto has a few Topshops that carry trendy modern clothes so you can look good while having to carry those books around. They are nice enough to offer 10% off of your purchase, all at the price of flashing your student card.

2. TTC - Discounted Pass

If you are a post-secondary student, you can receive a TTC pass for a whopping $25.75 cheaper a month! Although that might not seem like that great of a deal, you never know when you’ll need that extra cash, and it does add up. Make sure you are carrying your TTC Post-Secondary photo ID with you!

3. SPC Card - 10-15% off many companies

If you’re a shopaholic, spare the 11 bucks and get yourself one of these. This card will give a discount usually around 10-15% off of tons of stores and restaurants in Toronto. It will be well worth it when you start noticing the bucks you’re saving!

4.  AGO - FREE on Wednesday Nights

If you enjoy art, or even just want a cool date idea, the Art Gallery of Ontario would like to make themselves available to you! If you have your student ID, you can get in at any time for $11, or if you are REALLY on a budget, stop by between 6-8:30pm on Wednesday nights for FREE!

5. TIFF Bell Lightbox - Discounted Tickets

The Toronto International Film Festival is a world-renowned event that takes place annually during the month of September in Toronto. Students are entitled to $10.50 movie tickets to some of Toronto’s most anticipated movie screenings and exhibitions at the theatre on King St. year round!

6. Apple Store - Discounts on products

Because who uses PC’s anymore? The Apple store provides special offers for students, especially around back-to-school season. You could save up to $200 on a new Mac, or $20 on a new iPad. This seems marginal compared to the total cost, however, it’s better than no discount!

7. Club Monaco - 15-20% off

Another store the average classy Torontonian enjoys offers 15-20% off if you show your student ID in Toronto!

8. Bulk Barn - 10% off on Wednesdays

Need to satisfy those candy cravings? Looking for a snack to motivate you to study? If you pop into Bulk Barn on Wednesdays, they offer 10% off to students in Toronto with a valid student ID!

9. GO Transit - Transit Savings

The GO Train/Bus is an awesome way to travel around the GTA, especially to Toronto! With a Presto card and a GO sticker from your academic institution, you will save at least 17% on fares! It’s worth investing the $4 in the card to save later on the multiple trips to the 6 you’ll be taking this year!

10. Roots - 20% off

Every Torontonian should have a go to cozy sweater in order to endure those harsh Canadian winters. Fortunately, Roots has some really nice and high quality options, with a 20% discount for students! There is no need to look anywhere else, but make sure you bring your student ID.

11. Spring Rolls - 15% off

This delicious Asian cuisine chain that you will see frequently around Toronto offers 15% off your meal to students. The prices are already reasonable, and the food is delicious, so this is definitely a stop you’ll want to make for a dinner out!

12. Fresh - 15% off

This quick and healthy eatery option is catered to those that are trying to avoid the Freshman “15” or the Fourth-year “40”. They are making it easier for students on the go to choose the right (healthy) option, by giving 15% off with a student ID! Making the world better one healthy fast food place at a time.

13. Ripley’s Aquarium - Discounted Tickets

Sorry Ryerson, York, OCAD, George Brown and Humber kids, this discount is specifically for students at U of T! If you and your smart ass are a student at U of T, you will get to see all of the cute creatures you can imagine for the low price of $24 at Ripley’s Aquarium.

14. Canada’s Wonderland - Group Discounts

Although there is no direct discount for students individually attending this major TO attraction, if you plan a day to go in advance with a group from your school, Canada’s Wonderland does offer school discounts to groups! Might want to look into that if you’re a ride warrior.

15. The Labyrinth Lounge - $3 Drinks

This bar in Toronto known as “The Lab” has got you covered with drink specials most days of the week! This is a main hangout spot for U of T students because the drinks are insanely affordable, with $3 specials every night of the week except for Sunday and Monday!

16. St. Louis Bar and Grill - 20% off

Come on down to this popular Bloor St. sports bar and grab some grub and drinks with buddies in front of whatever sports game your little heart desires. Students get $5 any hot menu item or 20% off food. It’s worth not having to cook for a night.

17. Dairy Queen - 10% off

Because who isn’t craving a blizzard at any time on any given day? You can enjoy your favourite ice cream treat for 10% off when you feel like satisfying those cravings.

18. Umbra Store - 20% off

Ever walk by a very modern furniture store in Toronto and wish the interior of your house looked like the displays in the window? Yup, that was most definitely Umbra. If you are an OCAD or George Brown student, it is your lucky day! Students at those two schools receive 20% off of all regular priced items. Your apartment will become the new envy of the neighbourhood, just wait.

19. Greyhound - 10% off

Don’t we all love the extra long commutes home for holidays with this very unreliable form of transportation. I’m really not selling this one well, am I? Greyhound is a necessary evil that every student who has chosen to move away for school will take at least once, so might as well make the most of it! This bus company offers 10% off of tickets to students.

20. J. Crew - 15% off

Last but not least, a store every Torontonian shops at when they realize they want to “have their shit together.” J. Crew makes it easier to turn this dream of looking put together into a reality by offering 15% off of merchandise (not including the Collection) to students.

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