20 Turn On & Turn Off's Everyone Has

We all got them.

If you don't have a list of things that will make you more, or less, attracted to somebody you're lying.

It's not that we're being picky, rude, or exclusive, you just have certain preferences and standards people have to meet in order for you to let them have the privilege of dating you. Whether it's as simple as liking someone who has a nice smile or is charismatic to disliking when someone is arrogant or insensitive, there's some (or maybe a lot) of reasons you may have for being turned off or turned on by someone.

Here are some turn off's and turn on's you may have when it comes to liking someone:


1.They have a past with cheating.

They're going to say "It's different with you" but I would still keep an eye out. If they've done it before, there's no denying they may do it again.

2.They still have Tinder on their phone.

If you're seeing someone and you see that Tinder is still an app on their home screen, it's a major red flag. I mean they could've "forgotten to delete it" or they're "trying to find their friends", just still be aware of the fact that it's there.


Pretty standard, but who wants to be around someone who blows their own horn 24/7? If you catch them staring at themselves on every reflective surface they pass or they're paying more attention to their front-facing camera than you, it's a definite thumbs-down.

4.Bad tempered.

It's one thing to get angry at something that truly matters, but to fly off the handle with no reason behind it? Definitely not something you want out of your significant other.

5.Bad hygiene.

I know you've heard it before, but this is crucial! Hygiene is something that's apart of our every day lives, and if the person you are interested in thinks of it more as a "hobby" than a necessity, they definitely need some re-looking.

6.Throwing insults 24/7.

It's one thing to be playful and joking, but if they're touching on sensitive territory or jabbing at something you may've told them you're insecure about, it's not a good feeling. If they're able to flip a switch and have a mean side, you should keep your distance.

7.Using gender stereotypes.

Any time someone uses some of these, it always results in an instant eye roll. If you're told "guys don't cry" or "go make me a sandwich", that person is stuck in the 50's and needs disappear from your life ASAP.


Who want to hear someone be constantly negative all the time? No doubt, everyone has their bad days. But if their bad "day" is every hour, and they're constantly dragging everyone in their negative tornado and putting a damper on things, it's not cool. Like at all.

9.Bad manners.

Did your parents teach you nothing? They don't have to be full-blown King/Queen of etiquette, but just the basic stuff is what matters most. Chewing with your mouth closed, saying 'please' or 'thank you', all the general stuff is extremely important for your future bae to have.

10.Treating you differently when you're around their friends.

If they're sunshine and happiness when you're alone together but are completely different when you're with their friends, something's wrong. Whether they're saying un-called for things, acting weirdly, or just doing a complete 180 on you, take note of it.

Turn On's

1.Close with their family.

If they have a great relationship with their family and are close with them, it's a definite good sign! Any guy who's a momma's boy or any girl who close to their dad is a keeper.

2.Sweet to everyone around them.

Doesn't your heart just melt when someone you like does something unbelievably sweet for you? It's even more of over- whelming when you see them doing something nice for someone else, whether they know them or not. Whether they're helping a friend out or an elderly person on the TTC, it's those things that let you know they're a great person.


Instant heart eyes when you're guy or girl is sensitive. If they're able to sympathize with you and help you out when you're going through a rough time, or even when they're super emotional, it's nice knowing they feel comfortable enough to show that side to you.


Going hand-in-hand with being sensitive. If they're not afraid to hold your hand, do affectionate gestures, and compliment you in public or when you're around your friends, it lets you know they constantly want you by their side and nothing will stop them from acting that way.

5.Smell is on point.

Don't you love when you're with your significant other and their smell is just amazing? Whether it's their cologne or natural body odour, sometimes you just want to bathe in it (maybe gross, however, maybe true).

6.Proud to have you.

They don't have to go out and write "I Love (Your Name Here)" in the sky for you, but them being able to express how happy they are to be with you and how much they like you is always a nice thing to hear once and a while.

7.Sense of humour.

It's fun to have times when you're laughing so hard your stomach hurts. If your guy or girl has a great sense of humour and never fails to put a smile on your face or make you laugh, they're someone you want to have in your life.


It's alway refreshing to hear someone who has a great outlook on life. If the person you're interested in has an amazing opinion on the future and what life holds for us, it may even put you in a better mood at have you looking at things a lot more brightly as well.

9.Never ending conversations.

If they're easy to talk to and the conversation flows with ease, it's something to add to your list of things to like about them. If you ever feel as if you're talking and the time seems to fly by, you two are a match.


A girl or guy who goes out of their way to do things for you and make sure you come first to them is always something to look for. Whether they're being giving, always making sure you're okay with something, or asking your opinion about things that involve both of you, it just shows how much they like you and how much they value you.

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