Wanderlust is one of those feeling that when it tends to hit, it hits hard, espcially in your young and wild twenties. And because we're in the generation that tends to get distracted every other second, chances are when you get a case of wanderlust you drop everything and head straight to the internet for your next vacation.

But where to go? Incase you're unaware, the world is not only amazing, but it's also fvcking huge. There's so many unreal options to explore that sometimes it gets overwhelming. And with summer bringing in a new wave of travellers on your feed, each option seems better than the last. Do I go to South East Asia? Explore castles in France? Pull a sound of music and sing the hills are alive via mountain range? WHAT TO DO!?

The thing that makes it even harder to decide? When your twenty you're pretty much up for anything (example A, tinder dates), you still have a ton of world to see because of your ripe age, and there's an infinite number of things left on your bucket list to check off. While the feeling of wanderlust will probably never go away (and why would you want it too?!), this list will give you some of the most amazing places to travel in your twenties. Whether they'll give you amazing parties, cheap getaways that don't feel cheap, beautiful beaches, or adrenaline filled adventure; grab some friends, your passport and get going.

1. Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

Home of the famous full moon party, this is a must hit for everyone and anyone who has never experienced getting dressed to the nine in spandex and going wild on the beach. But it doesn't stop there, this beautiful Thai island also features some unreal bars (watch the sunset at Amsterdam Bar!), stunning beaches and plenty of local culture to immerse yourself in.

Highlights: Full Moon Party, Thong Sala Night Market, Chaloklum Beach.

2. Split, Croatia

This "used to be pit stop on your island hopping tour" has quickly turned into an amazing under the radar destination in Croatia. With the beautiful mountains behind you and the Adriatic waters infront of you, from the surplus of bars and beautiful beaches this is a must hit.

Highlights: Diocletian's Palace, experience a Marenda, walk the promenade of The Riva

3. Queenstown, New Zealand

Easily the Queen of adrenaline filled cities (yay for bad puns!), Queenstown is THE adventure capital of Kiwi land. It must be something about being on the opposite side of the world because these guys know how to use the phrase, Carpe Diem.

Highlights: Visit where they filled "Lord of the Rings", bungee jumping, sky diving, white water rafting.

4. Marrakech, Morocco

Even though Marrakech is technically a "former" imperial city, it will still make you feel royal the second you step off the plane. From historic mosques, to bustling Souks (marketplaces), this medival feeling city will transport you to another world.

Highlights: Jardin Majorelle botanical garden, walk in the alleys of the Souks, Street eats in Djemaa el Fna square.

5. Lisbon, Portugal

It's only natural that the country that produced the specimen that is Christiano Ronaldo will leave you speechless with it's beautiful culture and architecture. And for a city that's at least 2700 years old, it knows how to party. Best part? It's a place where your student budget will feel right at home.

Highlights: Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, Cafe A Brasiliera, Torre de Belem, Clubs like Cais do Sodre and Lux are recommended!

6. New Orleans, USA

Call it Madri Gras central, or Crescent City, but whatever you call it it's THE place to hit for a little dose of southern/carribean charm with a lot of wild times. With an immense history that has left this city with a diverse population that has given America an unbelievable Jazz scene influenced by the Cajuns, Creoles and African-Americans. Head here for the music scene, and enjoy it with the surplus of bumping bars (hint, start on Bourbon St).

Highlights: Mardi Gras, Run from bulls at San Fermin in Nueva Orleans, hit the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and the MOMS ball.

7. Ninh Binh, Vietnam

This emerging gem had to be included on our bucket list for it's unreal scenery and culture that will remind you there's more views than the ones from patio season. It's perfect for anyone looking for a new adventure, or to add on to their tour of Vietnam! (Hint, make sure to stop at Hanoi also!)

Highlights: Tam Coc River, watching the sunset at Van Long, Terrestrial Halong Bay.

8. Budapest, Hungary

Come for the party and stay for the town. This is one of the best towns to hit if you're looking for a cheap destination that doesn't feel like one. Year after year travellers flock here for the infamous Bath Parties, boat parties and beautiful castles. (If that combination doesn't excite you we don't know what will)

Highlights: Buda Castle Festivals, Heroes' Square, Great Market Hall of Budapest, Budapest boat tours along the river Danube.

9. Las Vegas, USA

If nature makes you cringe and a dolla makes you holla head to Vegas. What happens in Vegas...well it probably won't stay in Vegas to be honest. And why should you keep your amazing time here a secret? Get red carpet ready and pretend your hot sh*t as you and your crew roll (legally) up into the casino. It's very twenties of you, and very Ocean's 11.

Highlights: Casinos on the Strip, the pool party on the roof of the Cromwell resort.

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is known for many things, beautiful canals, adorable houses, and coffeeshops that many people who like 420 will frequent. It's a unique city that combines partying, beauty, and nature that you may have to be forced out of because you'll never want to leave.

Highlights: Boat cruise along the Canals, bike tour through the city, Anne Frank Museum, Vondelpark, Kings Day, Tulip Festival

11. Mostar, Herzegovina

No need to be able to pronounce it to be able to enjoy the beauty of a city that used to be part of the Ottoman Empire. You need to go here in your twenties to experience another world that will transport you to another time, one where it wasn't all about your latest right swipe. Known as the cultural heart of Herzegovina, this is one trip you never knew you needed.

Highlights: Stari Most, Bridge Diving (watch it, don't try), Koski Mehmed Pasa Mosque

12. Berlin, Germany

The Germans know how to party, and Berlin is a prime example of this. Spend your days soaking in the culture of the city that was the Front Line of the Cold War and end the night in the place where bars literally don't close on the weekends. For an unreal adventure that is classy and trashy hit up Berlin.

Highlights: Berghain, Fete De La Musique, Oktoberfest, Spreepark

13. Banff, Canada

Oh Canada, you've done it again. And by doing it again we mean hitting a home run with the VIEWS that the beautiful Banff will give you! 20 somethings flock this afforadble and adventure filled city. Spend your days on the slopes or in the Hot Springs pool while you take in the beauty of the Canadian Rockies around you. If you really want to immerse yourself, work with other adventurous people your age for an unforgettable summer at one of the many resorts out there.

Highlights: Bow falls, Banff Ave Crewing Co, Whitebark Cafe, Grotto Canyon Icewalk, Tunnel Mountain.

14. Mykonos, Greece

It's beautiful, it's Greek, it's the party island of Europe. When else in your life are you going to have the chance (and the stamina) to get away for weeks and party with your squad? It's an adventure you need to take when your young and lack any sense of shame or embarrassment.

Highlights: Super paradise beach, Paraga, water sports at Platys Gialos Beach and Kalafatis Beach.

15. Cusco, Peru

Seriously immerse yourself in a historic adventure that is one million times better than your high school text book. There's almost no way to describe the breathtaking sites, temples, ancient cities and famous Inca ruins in Cusco. This is a serious once in a life time opportunity that you have to take advantage off while you really allow yourself to get lost in the culture, and have the energy to see all these places.

Highlights: Machu Picchu (hike the Inca trail!), Plaza de Armas, Qoricancha.

16. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodia is the hidden gem of South East Asia. Though not as famous as it's next door neighbour Thailand, it's an unreal place to hit when your young and filled with wanderlust that can only be filled with night market bargains, fish pedicures, Pub Street drink and amazing natural sights. The beauty and troubled history of Cambodia will really make you appreciate the life you live in, and will inspire you to bring the good vibes of Cambodia back to your own life.

Highlights: Angkor Wat, Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary, Angkor National Museum, Kampong Phluk.

17. Dublin, Ireland

If Ireland is the home of beer, than Dublin is the brewery. In a less metaphoric fashion- Irish know how to have an UNREAL time. On top of the night life you'll find beautiful medieval castles and amazing Cathedrals that any twenty year old needs to see to appreciate that there's more to the world than King West on a weekend.

Highlights: Temple Bar, Brazen Head (est. 1198)

18. Cape Town, South Africa

A town with a trouble past, you would never think think of South Africa would turn into the amazing destination it is today. Shadowed by Table Mountain National Park, this city is amazing and filled with everything a twenty something would ever need- from parties to gardens, surfing and hiking- this cheap and adventourous town will never leave you disappointed!

Highlights: Kirstenbosch Botancial Gardens, check out the art at Bo-Kaap, hit up the eclectic restaurants and bars at East City and Woodstock, V&A Food Market.

20. Montevideo, Uruguay

The only decision you'll have to make here is if you're going to spend your night partying in The Pocitos Area, The Parque Battle area or Ciudad Vieja. Originally made as a buffer zone between Argentina and Brazil, they became independent (many people crediting Jose Artigas as the Father of Uruguay's independence) and since then haven't stopped. Bonus?Uruguay is a completely underrated city when it comes to partying, with locals usually returning home at 5 am, it's the place to be when your a 20 something millennial looking for a great time and an embarrassing snap story.

Highlights: Plaza Independencia, La Rambla, El Mercado Del Puerto.

20. Cairns, Australia

Is there anything better than travelling to the Great Barrier Reef?! Did Nemo not got found?! (Hint, both answers are no). The town that's the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef is the only place to go for any adrenaline junkie that needs their water sport fix. Young and free, there's no better time than your twenties to take some time away from the real world and travel to the an adventure lovers paradise to test out your wild side. *PSA please do it with caution, there's a difference between pushing your limits and being a flat out idiot*

Highlights: Great Barrier Reef, Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, Tarzali Lake Platypus Park.

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