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21 Amazing Toronto Dates For Any Budget

If you've got a $20 you can do it, honey.
21 Amazing Toronto Dates For Any Budget

It recently came out that single people in the city can spend up to thousands of dollars on dating throughout a calendar year, and quite frankly, that is fking insane. Unless you're courting Rihanna courtside at the Raptors á la Drizzy, there's no reason you need to be dropping that kinda dough. 


There are tons of dates that don't break the bank while still being cool, charming and full of fun. We've divied they up into budgets that everyone can afford, whether you're stunting on Bay Street or slaving away for minimum wage

$10 and Under

$15- $25 


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$10 and Under 

1. Catch a Free Flick Wednesday at The Harbourfront Centre // FREE

This weekly June screening is 100% free, with classic nostalgic flicks like Hairspray and Airbud. Pack a bag of popcorn and fill up a flask to keep this date dirt cheap.

2. Play house in IKEA // FREE 

Take a page right out of 500 Days of Summer with this uber cute date idea. Stroll around the different sets, act out little scenes, maybe even play hide and seek! You can pick up matching catci or snack on some Sweddish meatballs for a couple bucks, max. 

3. Stroll through the AGO on a Wednesday // FREE 

The AGO offers free admish from 6-8:30pm on Wednesdays for their permanent exhibits. Why not walk through and see the sights? There are plenty of spots around to grab a coffee or drink once you're through. 

4. Check out the rose gardens at Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens // FREE

This park has a great rep for wedding photos and it's not hard to see why. All the fresh, full flowers set the the tone for romance. Grab a blanket and a bottle of wine to really kick it up a knotch. 

5. Go for a chat & cheap coffee at Moonbeam // $10

This Kensington favourite is known for their quality coffee, tea and snacks without breaking the bank. Go on a Pedestrian Sunday to fully take advantage of buskers and vendours in the neighbourhood. 

6. Splash around at Gus Ryder Pool // FREE 

Stay cool while looking hot at this huuuuge outdoor pool right by lakeshore. Grab a snack at a hotdog stand or icecream truck to refuel throughout the day. 

7. Go on a brewery tour with your boo at Mill Street Brewery 

Mill Street offers brewery tours on the daily for free. Same thing with Steamwhistle. They offer little samples as you go, so no need to bring any cards other than ID!

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$25 Dates 

1. Scope the city from The Roof at the Park Hyatt // $25

While a room at the Hyatt will surely set you back more than $25, access to its rooftop bar is totally free. They serve complimentary nuts and will give you a blanket if you ask. Cuddle up and enjoy the city, cocktails and company.

2. Make a meal from grocery shopping at the St. Lawrence Market // $25

The market itself is an attraction on its own, with all the different vendours and foods to sift through. Set at $25 budget and go on a mission to make the best meal possible. Try to stick to more seasonal foods to keep you on target. 

3. Cool down with cones from Ed's Real Scoop // $15 

Swing by one of Ed's 4 Toronto locations for some truly delish and reasonably priced cones. Two cones with all the fixings shouldn't set you back more than $15.

4. Grab some $5 favs at El Furniture // $25 

Forever the favourite for thrifty boys n girls, El Furn has your $5 foods on lock. Throw in a couple drinks for a cheap n'chill date night.  

5. Catch a local show at the The Horseshoe // FREE - $25 

One of the most iconic spots in the city offers free cover on Tuesdays, with shows ranging from $8, $10 and $15. Go to a cheap night, mix in some beers and you're good to go. 

6. Laugh your asses off with Second City // $20

Second City offers $5 shows for students, which is super dope. Tickets and drinks shouldn't set you back more than $20. 

7. Take your relationship to new heights with Skyzone // $25 

Jump right into it. This is fun and active way to have fun with your boo for not a lotta cash!

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$30+ Dates

1. Get your snack on at 416 Snack Bar // $30

Plates at 416 don't run very high, but that doesn't mean you have to stick to just one. Order a few for a fun, sharesy dinner. 

2. Pour it up at Pour Boy Toronto // $30 

This little Italy spot has tons of different dishes to choose from, all around $10 or less. No matter your craving, you're still clear for a cheap, fun night. 

3. Buy eachother records at one of these hot Toronto record shops // $25-???

4. Dress eachother up at one of these dope Toronto thrift stores // ???

Black Market is famous for their $10 pieces. Put together a few pieces for a cheap and chic look. 

5. Get served at SPiN Toronto 

Reserve a ping-pong table during the day for an afforable $35 or a steeper $55 at night. 

6. Have a paint date at All Fired Up // Price dependant on piece

Making eachother mugs for the morning after? Adorable and affordable way to spend time together! 

7. Sip some sensational cocktails at Barchef // $30+

Though pricey, Barchef's drinks are one in a million - thus, totally worth splurging for a night

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