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21 Crazy Bucket List Fried Foods To Try In Toronto

I'm not about counting calories... ?

Fried food is definitely not for those who are looking for a healthy option, but definitely for those who are looking for a tasty one!  These 21 fried foods are taking already mouthwatering options to a whole new level.  Be sure to treat yo'self by crossing a few of these off your list this summer!

Good luck Toronto, try not to clog your arteries in the process! 

1. Deep-fried Banana Split // Hogtown Vegan

2. Fried Lobster Tower  // Yu Seafood

3. Nutella French Fries // Holy Chuck

4. Buffalo Cauliflower // Home of The Brave 

Photo cred -@thetrentgibson

5. Quinoa Onion Rings // Fresh

6. Deep-fried Mars Bars // Disgraceland

7. Red Velvet Funnel Cake // Funnel Cake Express

8. Deep-fried Chocolate with Ice Cream // Templeton's

9. Deep-fried Smores Sandwich // Lucky Red 

Photo cred -@topazlondon

10. Fried Mashed Potatoes and Chorizo // Patria

11. Deep-fried Catfish // Harlem Underground

12. Deep-fried Rice Pudding // CNE

13. Deep-fried Apple Pie // Hogtown Vegan

14. Deep-fried Twinkie // Holy Chuck

Photo cred -@buddhasfoodbelly

15. Fried Milk // Patria

16. Blooming Onion // Toronto Rib Fest

17. Deep-fried Pineapple Rings // Dangerous Dan's Diner

18. Deep-fried Nutella Lollipops // Holy Chuck

19. Lobster Mac and Cheese Balls // Tacklebox To 

Photo cred -@foodpornto

20. Deep-fried Pickles // The Burger Cellar

21. Deep-fried Asparagus Wrapped with Bacon // Kintori Yakitori

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