21 Drake Lyrics If They Were Spoken By Shakespeare

Your Instagram captions will never be the same.

Drake's lyrics are so poetic that they sound good in both modern English and Shakespearean Engish.

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I took some of Drake's most popular lyrics and ran them through a Shakespearean translator, and the results are pretty hilarious. Mind you, the translator itself isn't perfect, but it does the job for the most part. Here are 21 Drake lyrics if they were spoken by Shakespeare; you know, in case you need to spice up your Instagram captions:

 "I live for the nights that I can’t remember with the people that I won’t forget."

I liveth f'r the nights yond i can’t recall with the people yond i won’t forget.

"You da best I ever had."

Thou the most wondrous i ev'r hadst.

"Know yourself, know your worth."

Knoweth yourself, knoweth thy worth.

"Started from the bottom now we're here."

Did start from the bottom now we're hither.

"Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on."

Sweatpants, hair did tie, chillin’ with nay makeup on.

"Started not to give a f*ck and stopped fearing the consequence."

Did start not to givest an alas and ceased fearing the consequence.

"I know when that hotline bling, that could only mean one thing."

I knoweth at which hour yond hotline bling, yond couldst only mean one thing.

"Let’s celebrate with a toast and get lost in tonight."

Let’s bray out with a toast and receiveth hath lost in tonight.

"Think before you come for the great one."

Bethink ere thee cometh f'r the most wondrous one.

"You only live once."

Thou only livest once.

"Man, I'm leavin, I'm leavin, you know I got my reason."

Sir, i'm leavin, i'm leavin, thee knoweth i did get mine own reasoneth.

"You’re young so have fun girl, but I hope it’s worth it."

You’re young so has't excit'ment wench, but i desire it’s w'rth t.

"I don't know how to talk to you, I just know I found myself getting lost with you."

I knoweth not how to talketh to thee, i just knoweth i hath found myself getting hath lost with thee.

"I'm way too good to you, you take my love for granted."

I'm way too valorous to thee, thou taketh mine own loveth f'r did grant.

"You a real ass woman and I like it"

Thou a real rampallian mistress and i liketh t.

"I got bitches asking me about the code for the Wi-Fi."

I did get braches asking me about the code f'r the wi-fi.

"What's up with your best friend? We could all have some fun."

What's up with thy most wondrous cousin? we couldst all has't some excit'ment.

"I'm just saying: you could do better."

I'm just declaring: thou couldst doth bett'r.

"You know I spend money because spending time is hopeless."

Thou knoweth i spendeth wage because spending timeth is hopeless.

"It's funny how someone else's success brings pain."

T's comical how someone else's success endues teen.

Where did the other half of my heart go? Why am I in bed alone?

Wh're didst the oth'r half of mine own heart wend? Wherefore am i in sleep chamber high-lone?

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