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21 Frustrating Things That Stress Out Torontonians Everyday

If there is anything that Torontonians are an expert at, it is how to get shit done. We’re super driven and focused, some even argue too tunnel vision for their liking. Basically, when anything happens that doesn’t go our way or according to plan, all hell breaks loose.

It’s known that people that live in urban areas are more prone to stress and anxiety compared to those that live in more rural environments. So, with the temperature slowly dropping this week downtown, you can feel the tension in the air. It’s as if our brains just know when winter is approaching and we begin stressing out a little bit more than usual. Some call us tough or cold-hearted, but true Torontonians know that you have to be if you’re going to survive in this city.

1. The unwanted wakeup call of construction every morning

Pure frustration. I set my alarm specifically for 6:30am…not 6am. I never asked for this.

2. Packing it in like sardines on the TTC

Have you ever left your apartment just a minute too late and found yourself a victim in the morning rush commute? Enjoy having your personal space invaded.

3. Never-ending (unpredictable) detours in the city

Don’t get used to your daily commute to work or school. One day it could work, the next day, the road could be closed and you’re forced to walk an extra 20 minutes for no reason.

4. Being forced to become a professional race car driver downtown

Bring snacks and stay hydrated; you can never predict how long your commute is going to be on the Gardiner.

5. Dealing with people who don’t have escalator etiquette

Please do not hog the escalator! Do people in Toronto know that the left lane is the walking lane?

6. Getting caught behind those slow leisure walkers

I will never understand how people can walk this slow, as if they have no purpose. Either that, or those people that are in a group of 4+ and all want to walk in a line. Imagine doing this on the daily at Yonge and Dundas. THIS is not the time!

7. Relying on the indecisive weather reports

It’s that time of year where the mornings are blistering cold, but by the time it’s lunch you’re sweating in the office. No matter how long you’ve lived here, you never really get used to it.

8. Staying faithful to our beloved Toronto sports teams

We’re blessed that Toronto has at least one major sports team playing during any given time of the year. Unfortunately to afford to go to a Leafs game, you pretty much have to give up your first born child. Oh, and dealing with bandwagon fans, well that’s another story.

9. Rent prices that make you question your sanity

Please tell me how I’m supposed to afford live downtown with student debt and (arguably) mediocre salary right after University?

10. Becoming delusional in the PATH

Wait, didn’t I just walk past this Starbucks? There is nothing worse than thinking you are taking a shortcut to work, but really you end up walking in circles and now sweating from all your stress.

11. Crowds dictate where I walk

This usually happens at the Eaton Centre, Yorkdale, or really any major mall in Toronto. Don’t even think about walking the opposite way of the majority. It’s as if you get sucked into this crowd of people and can’t escape.

12. Attempting to have a social life in the winter

We all have that one friend that begs us to go out in -20 degree weather. FOMO? Nope. Let’s just be honest and admit that we WAY rather be watching Netflix and cuddling near a fireplace right now.

13. Jaywalking like it’s your mission

Did you look both ways? It’s okay, no one in Toronto does anyway.

14. Avoiding salespeople on the street when you’re clearly in a rush

I have my headphones in for a reason.

15. Constant fear of running into someone you don’t want to see, ever

It’s as if we’re all living in this little bubble where you are guaranteed to run into at least one person you know on the daily. Remember that bad date you had a couple months back? Well turns out that person works near your apartment. Great.

16. Attempting to break into any professional industry right after university

Job applications galore. Hello, all potential employers on LinkedIn, pick me!

17. That promotion at work is calling your name

There is nothing worse than working your ass off and not being rewarded. In this crazy competitive job market in Toronto, you wouldn’t believe how common this is.

18. Maintaining a solid relationship with anything other than your phone or laptop

This is probably the most stable relationship I have. Don’t even get me started about dating in Toronto. This just SCREAMS stress.

19. Finding that perfect balance of work and play

You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve told myself I’ll go out to King West and be fine to wake up early the next morning for class.

20. Making plans with friends for the weekend

Shout out to all those (flaky) friends who make you plan your weekend 2 weeks in advance and then they bail last minute! You are the reason my social anxiety exists.

21. Lots of people, no breathing room

One word = overcrowded. If you live downtown, chances are you’re sharing minimal amounts of space with a lot of people. Think of that insane lineup at Loblaws after work or on the weekends, I don’t need this headache in my life.

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