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21 Important Things Every Western Student Needs To Know About

Hey Western Mustangs! Classes may not start until tomorrow, but look at this as a required reading until then. That's right, required - you will need to know this information if you want to get by!

There are so many things that I've learned and discovered throughout my four years at Western, a couple of which I honestly wish were just told to me straight up. For example: the underground tunnels that could've saved me many illnesses and frozen fingers, and the fact that there are other libraries besides Weldon. Who knew?

To get the deets on the tunnels, libraries, and everything else, you'll want to keep on reading. Here are 21 important important tricks and secrets that will help you get the most out of this incredible school:

1. The drop and add class deadlines. Off by heart.

Don't put yourself through the grief of missing the deadline by one day and putting yourself through a potentially horrible semester. The drop and add deadlines are different depending on which faculty you're part of and whatever courses we're talking about, but you can see all of the dates here, so jot down the applicable ones in your Westernizer now.

 2. There are underground tunnels that will get you from building to building and save you from hypothermia in the winter.

That's right, you can get from building to building without being inundated by London's notoriously aggressive precipitation. Here's the complete tunnel map so you can start planning your class routes for this winter.

3. You can save 10% on groceries if you shop on Tuesday.

Valu-Mart, Superstore, Metro, and Loblaws have all got your broke-ass covered. Just make sure to bring your Western OneCard!

 4. The Spoke turns into a LIT pub every Wednesday night.

Instead of scoping out Richmond Row, head to The Spoke on campus this Wednesday night, and watch the home of the world's best bagel transform into a sing-along, spirited pub centred around the legendary Rick McGhie. Must be at least 19 to play.

5. Weldon is not the only library, it's just the only library you can't get a seat at.

This big and beautiful campus staple is super easy to find and access, but the spots within it are anything but. If you are having trouble getting a seat on Sunday morning in September, just wait until exam season rolls around. At Weldon you'll run into every person you've ever met every single time you go, meaning that you'll be suckered into time-consuming conversations, as well as time-consuming appearance prep for this social centre disguised as a library.

Other libraries you can check out when you absolutely need to get work done are the the libraries at King's and Huron's campuses, the Law Library, The Music Library, and my personal favourite, Taylor Library, located at the back of the Natural Science building. There are multiple floors of newly renovated cubicles that all have outlets, lights, and dividers that extend past your head so you can't get distracted!

6. There is an awesome on-campus Farmer's Market.

You can buy fresh produce in front of the Social Science centre on Tuesday's from 9:00am-2:00pm until early November! Cash only!

7. You can get an (easy) university credit at the affiliate colleges.

Take advantage of courses offered through Western at the affiliate colleges. With smaller classes you will get more one-on-one attention and likely end up with a better grade, not to mention a very engaging learning experience. The affiliate colleges are less populated than Western so studying in their libraries is often a good call, too!

8. You can take Zumba and other fun fitness classes for free at the rec centre.

If you aren't self-motivated, or if lifting weights and running on the treadmill just aren't for you, the Western rec centre offers plenty of other group fitness classes that you can check out here.

9. Buying your books the second week of classes will potentially save you lot of money.

After you've fully scoped out your syllabuses and realized that you only need that $400 text book for a short passage on page 3, you can save those 4 bills and just borrow someone else's book for 5 minutes. And you can thank your kind classmate with a drink that you can definitely afford to buy them now!

10. The best way to know what's happening on campus is by watching Western TV.

The University's student-run news channel will keep you up to date on what's happening on campus, and they'll entertain you while they do it!

11. You can skip the Jack's line by going through Taboo for 5$.

Worth it, every damn time.

12. Following Western on Twitter will give you the fastest and easiest access to important school updates.

They're pretty fast with instant news updates, which comes in clutch when you need to know whether classes are cancelled before unnecessarily braving a storm! Follow them here.

13. Don't f*ck around with the Campus Geese.

They're nothing like any animal you've encountered before, unless of course you've encountered a ravenous lion. Seriously, these guys are territorial and they WILL attack you, so steer clear.

14. Don't treat your Western OneCard like you do your parent's VISA.

First years, listen up. You can't buy Starbucks with it every single day if you want dinner in January. Make sure you regularly ask the clerk what your balance is, and allocate your funds wisely!

15. You cannot trust the LTC.

The arrival times your London On-Time app tells your are basically wild assumptions, and the bus will arrive within a 10-20 minute window of whatever time it says, if at all. Basically, if you hate being late, you need to devote even more time to being early than usual by showing up to the bus stop early.

16. You can get an academic course credit in dance and theatre.

Artsy students, rejoice! Western offers multiple dance, theatre, music, and art classes for students of all levels and from all faculties.

17.  Health support and resources are already in your back pocket.

At Western, there is no deficiency of resources when it comes to your health, and thanks to a new student council initiative, these resources have never been more accessible. Check out the insert in your bus pass which outlines the mental health, wellness, and emergency services on campus and how you can access them.

18. You can hang out and de-stress with dogs in the UCC.

Perhaps all of the therapy and support you need is in the paws of a puppy. Western's got your back on this one, too. Western hosts an ensemble of furry friends around exam periods in the UCC to help you de-stress. Check here for announcements about future events.

19. The UCC has both a restaurant and a movie theatre.

A lot of people don't know about either of these wonderful amenities on the second floor of the UCC. The Wave is an awesome restaurant for when you're in need of something more substantial than a Spoke's bagel, and the movie theatre is right next to The Wave's entrance and regularly screens all your favourite movies, both new and old.

20. There is a gorgeous riverside path along Thames for all of your running and walking needs.

Whether you're sick of waiting for a treadmill or need a private space to have a serious walk & talk with someone, the path lining the Thames River is beautiful, peaceful, and perfect for running or walking along.

21. Following Narcity Toronto on Facebook will give you more articles like these.

Yes, this is a Western University secret you should know about, because starting this year we'll be posting Western content that you'll absolutely love on a weekly basis! Get excited, Mustangs, it's gonna be a good one. ?

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