21 Of Toronto's Best Tattoo Artists

They won't make you regret it.
21 Of Toronto's Best Tattoo Artists

Tattoos are a beautiful form of art and those of you who love getting inked, know how important it is to have the right person doing it. Full sleeves, half sleeves, rib tattoos, leg tattoos - a talented tattoo artist can cover you in unique pieces and make you fall in love with your body.

Being a tattoo artist is not an easy job and it takes a lot of time and effort. Tattoos are a powerful form of expression and certain artists have the ability to tell a person's story with ink.

There are many studios with talented tattoo artists in Toronto, but to recognize a few, in no particular order here's a list of 21 badass tattoo artists from the 6ix that you can trust with your body:

 Cysen // Golden Iron Tattoo

Kyle // FY Ink

Potter Seunghyun Jo // FY Ink

Mark Prata // Toronto Ink

Alanna Mule // Bellwoods Tattoo

 Jay Decator // Passage Tattoo

 Jenn Liles // Hiddendoor

Tony Hu // Chronic Ink

 Jajjo // Independent artist

Nikki Ouimette // FY Ink

Jennifer Lawes // Pearl Harbour

 Scoot Mason // Scoot Ink

 Eric Newstead // The Okey Dokey

Lizz Renaud // Speak Easy

 Raidel // Adrenaline

 Hania Sobieski // Queen Bee

Masamichi Nakatsuka // Independent artist

 Mike Storey // The Black Pearl

Chelsea Neill // Curry's

Angel-C // South Side Ink

Puedmag Luis // Puedmag Inkpire

Samantha // I Love Mom