Photo cred - Toronto History

Times have changed. Back in the 1980s, the internet wasn't a thing, tuition cost under $1000 a year, and the cronut was still just a twinkle in someone's eye. Today, Toronto is an entirely different place. For one thing, Etobicoke is now a part of the city, and eating breakfast after noon has really taken off. Here are just a few phrases that would have been meaningless gibberish to a Torontonian just 30 years ago.

1. "I've got two more years of tuition loans to pay."

2. "What're you saying tonight?"

 3. "Are you going to OVO?"

4. "You know the type. He lives in Kensington Market"

 5. "I can't come over yet, I'm heading to the Eaton Centre."

 6. "That's so jokes,  bro."

 7. "I'm more of a Weeknd fan than a Drake fan."

 8. "Gross, he said he was getting something from Ginger."

 9. "Could you grab some pho on your way home?"

 10. "I've got 4 roommates."

 11. "Sorry I didn't text you back, I was stuck on the TTC."

 12. "She thinks she's the shit just because she's a barista on Queen West."

 13. "Feel like getting dinner in Little India tonight?"

 14. "I dropped my iPhone over the side of the ferry this weekend."

 15. "We should definitely go to Splash Works when we're at Wonderland next weekend."

 16. "Let's just go to Bistro 422, I don't want to spend too much on pitchers."

 17. "What about the Pilot's Tavern? They've got a heated patio."

 18. "It's way too cold out to walk all the way to Sneaky Dee's. Let's just get it delivered."

 19. "Damn, even CNN is making Rob Ford crack jokes now."

 20. "Let's check out that creepy after hours in Kensinton Market tonight."

 21. "I found this great two bedroom in Little Portugal where the rent's only $1600!"

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