Spring is coming which means there are a ton of new places for you to visit. Whether you are looking to adventure with your girlfriend who's your partner in life or your girlfriend who is your partner in crime, I've got adventure time covered!

Quite often, when people think Ontario they think Toronto. However, what is really on the outskirts for them to see? From crystal clear waters as fresh as the water you drink to beautiful fields of flowers for you to run through, you really cannot go wrong. 

I've put together a comprehensive list of secret places that you must visit with your girlfriend, best friend, boyfriend, parents or siblings this Spring. Grab a pen, map, and read on...

Heart-Shaped Lake // Ompah, Ontario

Buried in Ompah, Ontario lies a beautiful lake that is shaped like a heart. I chose this one first as it's an extremely romantic place to take your girlfriend if she's your significant other. If she's just a friend then there's no better way to show how much you appreciate her either. This place is about three hours north of Toronto and will not leave you disappointed.

Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower // Dwight, Ontario

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Dorset Lookout Tower in Dwight, Ontario is one of the most beautiful sights to see this Spring. With so much life around you, this place will definitely not disappoint. It's located approximately two and a half hours north of Toronto and is very close to Algonquin Park. Maybe it's worth extending your trip to visit both with your boo?

Dundas Peak // Hamilton, Ontario

Dundas Peak in Hamilton, Ontario is a short drive out of Toronto and offers breathtaking views of the province. In addition, Dundas Peak also makes for a great hike! If you're looking to have your dog tag along for your day out-and-about then I'd highly recommend this place.

Whispering Springs // Grafton, Ontario

Whispering Springs located in Grafton, Ontario is an ah-MAZING getaway for both couples and besties. Located a short hour and a half from Toronto, this retreat features gorgeous tents and there are even a saltwater pool and hot tub for you to enjoy. Talk about boujee camping!

Lake Superior Provincial Park // Wawa, Ontario

Lake Superior Provincial Park in Wawa, Ontario offers crystal clear waters that you and your girlfriend can dive into. This place is extremely secluded offering you the opportunity to enjoy nature and all that it has to offer. Now this place is almost 11 hours out of Toronto so the road trip is part of the experience as well! There are tons of great places to wine and dine at in the area too.

1000 Islands Gananoque // Gananoque, Ontario

Almost 300 kilometres from Toronto lies a beautiful area called 1000 Islands Gananoque where you can visit stunning islands that are practically untouched. Not only will these little patches of land offer amazing photo opportunities, but also a chance to take in the beauty of Lake Ontario.

Andrew's Scenic Acres // Milton, Ontario

Does your girlfriend love flowers? What about taking photos in flower gardens for her Instagram with the caption 'Spring is in full bloom'? If so, look no further than Andrew's Scenic Acres in Milton, Ontario that provides fields of colour for you to enjoy. Only about 45 minutes outside of Toronto makes it a very popular destination. I'd suggest you go early to make sure you capture the perfect photo!

Flowerpot Island // Georgian Bay, Ontario

Flowerpot Island in Georgian Bay, Ontario is an amazing place to go in the Spring. Not only is it full of colour and crystal clear water, but it's also located in the North Bruce Peninsula making it the perfect opportunity to take in all that the area has to offer! Also, it's extremely dog-friendly so if your pup is a fan of water I'd highly suggest they tag along!

Port Carling // Port Carling, Ontario

Port Carling is approximately two and a half hours from Toronto and offers so many amazing sights to see! I think the photo says it all - it offers beautiful sunsets, tons of trails for you to hike on, and just an opportunity to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Prince Edward County Lavender // Hillier, Ontario 

Okay, so as of late lavender has been VERY in. Whether it be for you to buy in essential oil form or even as a body lotion, everyone is talking about it. However, have you ever been to a lavender farm? Not only does it smell amazing, but it also offers you the chance to see how beautiful the tiny flowers are up close. Prince Edward County Lavender in Hillier, Ontario is located about 2 hours from Toronto and if you're looking to make a day of it there's also a winery close by!

Saugeen Shores // Bruce County, Ontario

Saugeen Shores is giving me so any 90's vibes in this photo. Located in Bruce County, Ontario, Saugeen Shores is a great place to go swimming and have a picnic right on Lake Huron. On top of the views, there's also a ton of great seafood restaurants in the area for you to check out! Make sure you take advantage of Saugeen Shores this spring as it's not even three hours from Toronto!

Haliburton Forest // Haliburton, Ontario

Haliburton Forest is about two and a half hours from Toronto and really gives you an opportunity to take in nature. From gorgeous trees that tower over you and crystal clear fresh water for you to enjoy, you really can't go wrong. This forest is every adventure influencer's dreams.

Davis Feed and Farm Supply // Caledon, Ontario

Davis Feed and Farm Supply located in Caledon, Ontario has beds of sunflowers starting to blossom from soaking up the fresh spring sun. Even though sunflowers are at their peak in the summer, it is a smart idea to visit in the spring and beat the wave of people taking photos frolicking in the flowers.

Elora Quarry // Elora, Ontario

Elora Quarry was one of my favourite places to visit in the spring/ summer when I was a kid. Not only is the water super clean to swim in, but there's also a ton of places in the area to visit. Whether you want to go swimming in the quarry or ziplining on a cliff, Elora sure will keep you busy!

Dahlia May Flower Farm // Trenton, Ontario

Dahlia May Flower Farm in Trenton, Ontario gives will give you a whole new appreciation for Mother Nature. This beautiful farm is family-run and grows some of the most beautiful flowers that the province of Ontario has to offer. If you're looking to take your girlfriend somewhere romantic then I'd highly recommend this place.

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park // Red Lake, Ontario

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park in Red Lake, Ontario is a serene and quiet place to escape to this Spring. It's located extremely North (near Winnipeg) so I'd highly suggest you make it a multi-day trip. With that in mind, the sunsets are absolutely stunning and you can see the stars perfectly from up there.

Mount Nemo // Burlington, Ontario

Mount Nemo in Burlington, Ontario is a stunning escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are tons of beautiful panoramic views and there are even unique cliffs that you can rock climb on. The best part of all? On a clear day, you have a perfect view of the CN Tower making you feel close to home.

Tobermory the Grotto // Tobermory, Ontario

The Grotto in Bruce Peninsula National Park is graced with some of the cleanest and clearest water in the province. There are tons of amazing trails to walk on, cliffs to climb, and water to swim in. On top of that, the area of Tobermory also features Boulder Beach, which is a great place to set up for a picnic.

Journey Behind the Falls // Niagara Falls, Ontario

Everyone is accustomed to the sight of the front of the Niagara Falls, however, how many can say they've seen behind it? Journey Behind the Falls is a stunning 'secret' place that you can take your girlfriend to. It's a self-guided tour in 130-year-old tunnels formed in bedrock. You'll hear the crashing of the falls in front of you.

Wolfe Island // Kingston, Ontario

Wolfe Island is the largest of the world-famous 1000 Islands here in Ontario. It features beautiful views and also, can you imagine the sunsets on this island? In addition, Wolfe Island carries this sense of charm with tons of beautiful lighthouses and towers. Make sure you check it out!

Muskoka // Muskoka, Ontario

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I couldn't end this list without including Muskoka. For those of you haven't been before, I highly suggest you stop by this spring and take in all that it has to offer with your girlfriend. There are tons of amazing restaurants to try in the area and also tons of places to stay if you're looking to make it a multi-day adventure!