21 Signs You're Definitely At A Filipino Party

Lumpia for life.
21 Signs You're Definitely At A Filipino Party

If there's one sure fact about filipinosit's that they love to hold parties; even if there isn't a special occasion or reason to celebrate. Here in Toronto, the filipino community is huge. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a filipino party going on every weekend!

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 If you're filipino or have filipino friends, you're bound to recognize at least one of these 21 signs:

1. Everybody's late.

"Filipino-time" is totally a thing.

2. Your relatives' cars take up the entire street.

One of them is bound to have some Filipino flag sticker on the window or licence plate.

3. You have to greet everybody before you can eat.

Never forget to mano your elders.

4. The front entrance is littered with piles of shoes.

There's at least one pair of Jordans somewhere in the mix.

5. You are immediately offered slippers upon arrival.

And you must accept them. Even if they're pink and have little flowers on them. Tsinelas or die.

6. At least one person is singing (either on the Magic Mic or on a guitar).

Filipinos are forever singing.

7. There's always a group of older relatives playing mahjong.

Tiles are forever clinking.

8. The TV is always on.

With either some TFC show, basketball game, Pacquiao fight or Miss Universe pageant playing.

9. There's tons of food.

Rice, pancit, lumpia, fried chicken, spaghetti, toron, leche flan... And the list goes on and on.

10. You might even come across an entire roasted pig.

Just chillin' on the table, no big deal.

 11. Everyone's really loud.

The combined laughter of your parents, aunts and uncles will have your ears ringing.

12. You will be asked if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Every time.

13. There's a Skype call going on with relatives from the Philippines.

This usually happens during the big holidays (like Christmas).

14. Empty containers are being handed out.

So that people can baon some of the leftovers.

15. The kids are up to no good.

They're always running around the entire place, usually with a Game Boy or tablet in hand.

16. There's at least one cousin who spends the entire party on his or her phone.

On some couch and just not having any of it.

17. People are "compressing" for photos.

And there's always one normal and one "wacky" group photo.

18. You find yourself returning to the food table for seconds.

Forget a diet.

19. There's a lot of hoy, pssst, and anak being thrown around.

Guaranteed sounds you'll hear at a Filipino party.

20. You have to say bye to everybody before you leave.

And afterwards, you need to spend some time locating your shoes in that massive pile.

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