21 Struggles Of Living In Hamilton, Ontario

PSA: The lift bridge is up!
21 Struggles Of Living In Hamilton, Ontario
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Hamilton is one of the most underrated cities in the GTA, and I think it could use a little more recognition for how awesome it is.  It's home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls, tastiest re staurants and cutest cafes in all of Ontario.

Although Hamilton has recently undergone some serious improvements, there are definitely a few struggles most Hamiltonians know far too well.  Continue reading our list of 21 struggles below to see if you can relate.

Enjoy Hamilton!

1. The constant one-way streets.

If you've ever driven in Hamilton, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Nothing will confuse a GPS more than driving downtown Hamilton.

2. Forever having to explain what an escarpment is to your friends from out of town.

No, it's not a mountain , and it's also not a hill, maybe it's more like a cliff?

3. The lack of LCBOs downtown...

...And the fact that the only one is located in Jackson Square.

4. Forever struggling to find parking.

Unless you're willing to pay the lot fees, finding street parking can sometimes be a serious nightmare, especially if you live in Durand.

5. The fact that Peach Fest only happens once a year.

Why can I only get the heavenly perogies once a year?!

6. Wanting to take a nice picture after a hike, but factories are always in your view.

Unless you're going to Dundas Peak, then it's definitely an Instagram-worthy view.

7. Dealing with tourists swarming every waterfall once summer hits.

Tourist: "Omg have you heard of Albion Falls?"

You: "Yes, obviously."

8. Taking the Eastport Drive when the lift bridge is up.


9. Always having to wait in line for what feels like forever at Hutches.

But sadly the fish and chips is 100% worth the 40-minute wait.

10. Constantly almost breaking your ankles while drunk on the cobblestone in Hess.

Not as drunk girl friendly as you'd think.

11. When you're looking for a new apartment, but every time you research a building it says they have roaches.

And the search continues!

12. The amount of people that continue to wear pajamas in public.

Even sweatpants would be 100% better than your Betty Boop PJ pants.

13. Spending all your money on Arkells tickets because it's your civil duty.

It's all part of being a Hamiltonian.

14. Automatically getting "the look" when you tell people you're from Hamilton.

It's fear mixed with sympathy.

15. When Chey fills up with McMaster freshmen once September rolls around.

And they spill their 40 of EO on you. #PartyFoul

16. Never being able to stick to a diet because of all the amazing restaurants constantly popping up in the city.

"I'll start by diet after my reservations at the French, Mezcal and drinks at the Ship."

17. Living downtown but constantly making the trip to Limeridge.

Mainly because you try to avoid Jackson Square like the plague.

18. When your favourite band has a Toronto tour date, but not a Hamilton date.

Come on, Copps coliseum is worth a tour date!

19. Now that downtown Hamilton is getting nicer, the bars are getting pricier.

Ugh, it's hard living in such a sought after city that is always improving.

20. Getting scared shitless from the fire-spewing skee ball at SuperCrawl.

But also being mildly impressed by it.

21. Constantly going out of your way to get cheap gas from the King St. Pioneer.

Becuase who can pass up that kind of deal!?

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Sara Sandham
Staff Writer
Sara Sandham was a writer with Narcity Media.