21 Things Only People From The GTA Will Understand

Being judged by people who know you don't actually live in Toronto.

Living in the GTA and working or going to school in downtown Toronto is hectic. Even making the trip to hang out with your friends downtown is hectic. Commuting is just terrible and only crazy people don't mind doing it. Here's one for all of us born and raised on the GTA (not including Toronto).

1. Telling people you're from Toronto when you're really from Markham/Mississauga/Etc.

Close enough.

2. Being judged by people who know you don't actually live in Toronto.

My Twitter bio says Toronto but you know what I mean.

3. Making your way downtown is a mission.

Walking fast, faces pass, and I'm Toronto bound.

4. Having to leave your house an hour or two early just to commute.

And losing out on sleep because of it. It just isn't fair.

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5. Forgetting your earphones is the worst thing in the world.

6. Paying multiple transit fares.

Because we all love spending an arm, a leg, and your soul on the GO and the TTC.

7. You have to drive to get anywhere in the GTA.

Everything downtown is within a walkable distance and even if it isn't, it's still enjoyable. Walking through neighbourhoods in the GTA is just so boring and monotonous and ugly. And everything seems so much farther.

8. If you're a student, you're almost always late to class or you don't bother showing up at all.

It's whatever.

9. Working a minimum wage job downtown.

10. When you have morning and night plans downtown but nothing in-between.

What am I supposed to do for x hours? Why aren't there any nap cafés in Toronto?

11. Whatever you bring, you have to carry it with you everywhere you go all day.

Buying lunch everyday 'cause I ain't stuffing all this tupperware and cutlery in my bag. Also not bringing a change of clothes to go out tonight because that's just way too much effort (I sweated all day in this outfit but that's ok).

12. Shopping means having to carry your bags everywhere you go.

Let me just stuff everything into my purse.

13. Going out at night and deciding between being driving or cabbing home.

Do I want to be the designated driver or would I rather split an $80 cab? Why are cabs so expensive? One tank of gas is not even $80? Going to Richmond Hill doesn't even use up half a tank???

14. Making sure you spend as much time as possible when you do go downtown so you don't feel like you "wasted" your time.

I spent all this money commuting and I am going to spend my entire day here.

15. When your downtown friends spontaneously ask you to come hang out and you're at home.

Bruh, I need at least 3 hours notice so I can get ready and commute.

16. When you're just about on your way home and someone asks you to hang out downtown.

You couldn't have asked before I paid my TTC fare?

17. Not even bothering to go out after work or class because you're not down to go home late and come back early tomorrow.

Sleep is more important.

18. Never encountering any hot people in the GTA.

Everyone you encounter in the GTA is elderly or half your age. All the hot people live in Toronto.

19. Getting on the DVP during rush hour.

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20. Or the TTC.

21. That feeling you get when you leave Toronto to go home.

I will return tomorrow, my love.