Photo cred - Bitches of Kensington

The winter blues can be pretty damn depressing. It's cold, it's windy, your hands are always dry and you have to cover all your pretty clothes with a boxy winter jacket. Sometimes, it's hard to look on the bright side of a Canadian winter so we're here to help.

You're young, you're fun and you have two options: to be miserable for 5 months out of the year or take advantage of being in your 20s this winter. The choice is yours.

1. Go Skating at Nathan Phillips Square

Let your youthful self take a trip down memory lane and enjoy a day at the skating rink.

2. Hit up the Long Winter Musical Festival

This year the music festival takes place on February 13th, 2015.

3. Take a Quiet Winter Walk

Sometimes you just need to clear your head in the cold air.

4. Eat More Brunch

Because why wouldn't you?

5. Play A Massive Game Of Shinny

Get a huge gang together and hit up a backyard rink for a friendly game of Canada's sport.

6. Frequent the Winter Craft Beer Festival

Beer, beer, beer eases the pain of the cold, cold, cold.

7. Try Hot Yoga

Anything hot in the winter is fantastic.

8. Take a Winter Road Trip With Your Significant Other

Romantic weekend away for 2.

9. Take a Winter Road Trip With Your Friends

We suggest Montreal for some Igloofest festivities

10. Have Homemade Hot Chocolate Date Nights

For friends and for lovers. Extra whip cream.

11. Invest In Fancy Boots And An Expensive Coat

You deserve to be warm.

12. Take A Ski Trip

Blue Mountain is always a good time.

13. Hit up the Harbourfront Free Skating Dance Parties

A little skating mixed with a lot of bass and beats.

14. Try Out Some Cool New Coffee Shops

The winter was made for knit sweaters and coffee drinking.

15. Binge-Watch An Entire Television Series on Netflix

It's not like summer, you don't have to feel guiltey about staying inside for days *cough* weeks *cough* at a time.

16. Buy A New Wardrobe

Winter is so long so you're going to need it.

17. Rent a Cool Cottage With Your Closest Friends

Pool together a couple dollars from a big group of friends and splurge on a sweet cottage rental.

18. Eat Your Heart Out At Toronto's Winterlicious

Stuffing your face always goes a long way.

19.Hit Up The Wavelength Music Festival

Rock N Roll to soothe the soul

20. Participate in IceFest

Don't just go to it, design your own ice sculpture with some friends.

21. Dish Out The Extra Money To Catch A Leafs Game Or Buy Killer Seats To A Raptors Game

But if the Leafs keep losing, stick with the Raptors.

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