21 Things You Have To Cross Off Your Ryerson Bucket List Before You Graduate

Better get started.
21 Things You Have To Cross Off Your Ryerson Bucket List Before You Graduate

Students usually equate university to pulling all-nighters studying, spending countless hours in the library doing homework, struggling to balance students loans and, overall, a lot of stress. But at Ryerson University, school isn't just all work and no play.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the stresses of being a student, we forget to stop and enjoy the university experience. After all, it's only four years - work hard for your degree, but don't forget to make those years count. If you spend all your time stressing, you'll miss out on all the fun events and opportunities Ryerson has to offer.

Here's a bucket list of all the things you have to do to get the most out of being a Ryerson Ram. 

1. Take a selfie every year with Ryerson's mascot, Eggy.

What better way to remember each school year than a picture with Eggy the Ram? It's like your high school yearbook pictures, but better because they are with the lovable Eggy! As you change over the years, Eggy has too, so why not keep a memory of the two of you as you grow up over the course of your Ryerson career? It's the perfect way to start each school year.

2. Attend the Gould Street Party at least once.

Consider it our version of HOCO. No, it's not even close to the more tradition style of Homecoming found at other universities, but with a campus located in the middle of downtown Toronto, this is as good as it gets. With delicious free food, fun street games and a Rams hockey game, the Gould Street Party is actually pretty fun and makes for a memorable night.

3. Go to every Frosh event during your first week.

Pay attention incoming Ryerson students! Yes, someone of the scheduled events seem like they may be kind of lame (and that may actually be the case), but you have to try them all. People who don't participate in Frosh events miss out on what it's actually like attending Frosh for the first time. Plus, you'll get to meet a bunch of other fellow Rams from across all programs to make amazing memories with.

4. Read the newest edition of The Eyeopener each week.

What better way to learn about student news than from other students? Each week the students of The Eyeopener put together a real newspaper to keep you up-to-date on what's going on around campus. Not only will you look extremely cultured if caught reading a newspaper on campus, but you'll also be informed on all things RU.

5. Study on every floor of the SLC.

The SLC is a student favourite study spot. Each of its eight floors has a different theme and they actually make studying more fun (well, as fun as studying could possibly be). You have to try them all to find out which one works best for you. Get lost in 'The Forest' or chill at 'The Beach' - whichever you choose, the SLC is a studying game changer.

6. Attend one of the RSU's concerts.

From Drake (twice) to Future to DJ Esco to Zeds Dead and many other chart-topping artists, Ryerson Students' Union knows how to hook its students up. They even have a 2-day music festival organized for this October called '6 Fest.' Try and name one other university that hosts concerts and music festivals right in the middle of its campus - you can't because RU is the best.

7. Buy at least one piece of Ryerson swag.

Why not show it off that you go to the best university around? Whether you get yours from the Campus Store or the MAC, wear your blue and gold gear with pride. It's important to represent your university on and off campus. Plus, our hoodies are extremely comfy for cool, rainy days.

8. Successfully figure out Kerr Hall by the end of your fourth year.

Kerr Hall is basically a maze. It's like the Triwizard Maze in Harry Potter but you're Cedric Diggory aka it never ends well for you. You will most likely get completely lost and always be late to class for your first two years. However, by third year, you'll start to get a pretty good handle on it and by fourth year, you will have successfully figured it out (hopefully). Kerr Hall is a serious challenge that only the strong make it through.

9. Get into all the classes you want on RAMSS (on the first try).

All Ryerson students (even those who have only been here for a hot minute) know the extreme pain and suffering RAMSS causes. From 6 a.m. course intentions to classes being full before enrolment even opens, RAMSS is most student's least favourite thing about Ryerson. But just once, you have to make that 6 a.m. wake up call and get into all the classes you want on the first try. As annoying as it may be, it will be worth it.

10. Skate on Lake Devo in the winter time.

The term" lake" is used loosely here. Lake Devo is actually just a dingy, man-made pond located in the middle of Ryerson's campus. However, it turns into a beautiful, fully-functioning skating rink during the winter months. It's the perfect outdoor rink for a little shinny or a late night skate with your significant other. So bundle up and be sure to take advantage of some free skating.

11. Share a Beaver Tail and hot chocolate with your S/O after said skate.

Skating can really wear a person out. So after your skate date, relax under the lights of the Image Arts building and share a Beaver Tail and some hot chocolate with your bae. The Beaver Tail truck is always on campus and is too tempting to resist so why not? After all, sharing a Beaver Tail is better than eating a whole one (or two or three) on your own.

12. Try something from every food booth at the Ryerson Farmers' Market.

One of the great things about Ryerson is its healthy food options. Although Ryerson doesn't have a ton of on campus food options, it does its best to ensure what options it does have are health conscious. The Ryerson Farmers' Market takes over Gould Street every Wednesday during the spring and fall semesters bringing local, sustainable foods to its students. It's the perfect place for a weekly lunch date with your bestie.

13. Sing karaoke with your squad at the Ram in the Rye.

After a couple pints of course. Karaoke may not sound very fun under sober contemplation, however, after one too many cheap beers, you know it's time to get up on stage a belt Spice Girls with your bffs. Is it embarrassing? Most definitely. Is it awkward and uncomfortable? Yes. But does it make for a memorable Ryerson moment? Absolutely.

14. Complain about the Ram in the Rye's food deletions each year.

But still go there anyways. Every year the Ram will delete one of your favourite foods and the entire student body will go wild. From removing sweet potato fries to adding cauliflower as a side option, the Ram will disappoint you at one point in your Ryerson career, however, you'll still go there because cheap beer soothes your bitterness.

15. Have a croissant and coffee at Balzac's before your 8 a.m. class.

You can only have it this early because the croissants at Balzac's are out of this world and go super fast. I guarantee by 9 a.m. they will all be gone - they are that good. Just forget about the Freshman 15 (or 30) when it comes to Balzac's croissants. Every buttery, flakey bite is so worth it.

16. Win Roll Up The Rim at every campus Tim Hortons.

This may take all of your four years to complete, but once you do there will be no greater satisfaction. There is no better reward for a Ryerson student than a free double-double. The Ryerson Campus has that fast-pace Toronto lifestyle to it, which rubs off on its students. In order to keep up, Ryerson students drink a lot of coffee - it's basically its own food group.

17. Cheer on your fellow Rams at a basketball game.

There are few things that compare to the thrill of sitting in a packed Coca-Cola Court at the MAC cheering on the Ryerson basketball teams. The vibe at a Friday night Rams basketball game is electric and you have to experience it at least once, whether you're a sports fan or not. Show some support for your school's teams and come decked in blue and gold to cheer them on to victory.

18. Join a team, student group or club.

Or better yet, start your own! Ryerson has a ton of student teams and clubs that cater to a wide variety of topics. From the Ryerson Chess Club to the Indigenous Students Association, if something doesn't interest you, you can just start your own. Being involved in a university club creates a sense of community and will introduce you to people you would have otherwise not met.

19. Take a trip during your October/February Reading Week.

Or both! The RSU offers deals to New York and Montreal each year during Reading Week. Okay yeah, you should actually spend the week studying for midterms, but when is only costs $330 to go to New York, why not grab your girls and head to The Big Apple? Take a break from the pressures of student life and go on a mini vacation. After all, you can just study on the way to your destination (or pretend you don't have to study).

20. Graduate from one of the best universities around.

This one's a little bit of a no-brainer, but Ryerson is no joke. They don't just hand out degrees; you do have to work hard for that slip of paper. Being a part of school activities is what makes the university experience a great one, but don't forget about your grades. However, once you have your degree that reads 'Ryerson University,' you'll be proud to call it your alma mater. Once a Ram, always a Ram.

21. Make memories with your fellow Rams that will last a lifetime.

Because united we rise. Complete everything on this list and you're sure to have a million memories of Ryerson to last a lifetime. No matter how much time passes, you're sure to always remember your Ramily.

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