I’ve Tindered (is that a verb? it is now) in a number of cities and the experience in Toronto is like no other. If you are swiping for love in Toronto, chances are you’ve thought the following things:

1. Another “DJ”?

2. Another “artist”?

3. Another “photographer”?

4. I’m currently in the financial district…where are all the hot bankers?

5. This is the fifth picture from VELD I’ve seen in a row.

6. His picture is him on a balcony with a view of the CN tower….I hope that’s his condo.

7. Did you really quote Drake in your bio?

8. Three of his pictures are him shirtless at Cabana….unclear if he is a douchebag or not.

9. Why do these men think that a picture of them holding a giant fish will turn me on? This isn’t Peterborough.

10. Oh, he’s wearing a Leafs jersey…will he disappoint me as much as the boys in blue last season? Probably.

11. “Country boy in the big city”…real original bio, bud.

12.  I didn’t know Toronto had so many Jersey Shore imports.

13.  Oh, I’m so sure you’re a “6ix God”…

14.  If I had a dollar for every Blue Jays picture…

15.  There is no excuse to be living in Toronto and still wearing American Eagle/Hollister/Abercrombie. Seriously. None.

16.  If I made up a drinking game for this, I’d take a drink every time I see someone wearing a “We The North” shirt.

17. …and take a shot every time someone has a picture with Rob Ford.

18. Ugh, boys in this city have great hair.

19. And great beards. #beardgameonfleek

20. I’d rather match with Phil Kessel than match with you.

21. And on that note, the Leafs probably have a better chance of winning the Cup next year than me finding my true love on here.