21 Untold Struggles Of A Canada's Wonderland Employee

My pleasure!
21 Untold Struggles Of A Canada's Wonderland Employee

Canada's Wonderland is like Canada's equivalent to Disneyland and Sixflags. Whether you go once every two years or you go ham with your season's pass and go every other day during the summer you can't deny that CWL is the place to be during your summer months in the GTA. It's a place to scream your brains out on rides like Drop Tower and Leviathan, stuff you face with funnel cakes and beavertails, and take really cute pictures with the squad in front of the waterfall. Oh yeah, CWL is the shit that'll keep you coming back. Working at this poppin' attraction site sounds like a dream come true and for many it totally is. But with every job and experience comes its perks & struggles. It's not easy working at the busiest amusement park in Canada, and there are going to be so many things that'll have you crash onto your bed at the end of the day.

Here are just a few struggles that every CWL employee can relate to.

Feeling the wrath of the beating sun and merciless humidity.

What's my foundation? Oh, that's sun. What's my highlight? Honey that's sweat.

Obnoxious preteens. Everywhere.

If you see a bunch of neon coloured Jansport backpacks walking around the park, beware. They're probably going try to line jump a ride or take up the entire line at Starbucks for another cotton candy frap.

Having to deal with rejection whenever you're asking to take someone's picture in front of the park.

No need to give me the finger sir, all I asked was to take your picture jeez.

"My pleasure".

It clearly was not but I still have to say it because apparently 'you're welcome' isn't good enough.

Having to run around the entire park just to get food during your break.

Getting to Cornerstones from your unit takes max 10 minutes, the line up is about 10 minutes-- oh look at that, you only have a 30 minute break to begin with. Oh well, at least everything's cheap there!

Not being able to go home until every single person in line for a ride has gone.

I. Just. Want. To. Go. Home.


With the amount of ice cream, cookies and other guilty pleasures, you either learn to coexist with these black and yellow insects or you spend the rest of your summer hating them.

Awkwardly touching people while checking that each person is strapped for a ride.

Dear gawd I just touched your leg, I'm just not going to acknowledge that it ever happened...

Facing the wrath of really angry people whenever a ride is out of service.

Like it was my specific plan that Sledgehammer would be out of service... yet again.

And when really hangry people complain about the prices of food & drinks.

I do not have the authority to call the prices of these food items. I am just a struggling young adult living off of minimum wage this summer AND I CANNOT DEAL WITH YOUR UNNECESSARY STRESS.

Praying that it would rain so less people would bother you throughout the day.


Absolutely hating those Snoopy character costumes.

If you like oxygen and air you will not enjoy this part of the job.

The infinite burns from the fryer when flipping funnel cakes.

This does not help with those 31 degree+ days FYI.

Having to force yourself to sound like Minnie frikkin Mouse whenever you spoke on the microphone for the rides.

And it wasn't all that fun to literally say the same thing 429 times a day all summer.

When a clown tries to pop out and scare you during Haunt when you're very clearly working.

Bitch move, I'm working.

Learning to clean up vomit like a champ.

You're used to it by now, but it still erks your soul when you see chunks of a hotdog all over the floor.

The amount of hand sanitizer bottles that you go through in a week.

Especially when you work with rides. My hands are drier than the Sahara dessert but that kid just sneezed on the handle bar so I'm gonna have to double cleanse now.

Having to work in different departments than the one you signed up for.

I signed up to work at Starbucks...tell me why I'm out here in the sun working at fvcking Dippin' Dots?

When tourists ask you to repeat directions 42 times because they didn't bother to pick up a map of the park.

"You take a left at Kidzville, go through Splashworks until you hit Medieval Faire and then turn on your right"--- yeah they're probably not going to remember but hey, they chose to roam the streets of CWL without a damn map so...

Being given a warning by your area sup because you weren't smiling enough.

Well I'm hungover right now so I apologize for not smiling as large as the moon as I say "my pleasure" for the 50th time.

Wonderland was your summer. Your life.

Don't get me wrong, this gig got you some mad guap and dollah dollah billz, but you were literally working close to 40 hours a week. You're either sleeping or taking a break from people during your days off.

Anything we missed? Let us know down in the comments!

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