There are so many great opportunities in Toronto, whether as a tourist or a resident or both, but our city's definitely not perfect. Here's just a few wishes that may or may not have crossed your mind more than once when making your way around Canada's largest city.

1. The TTC is on time just when you need it.

2. Poutine - at a cheaper price, at more locations...and as good as in Quebec.

3. People don't take up the entire path while strolling on the Harbour Front boardwalk.

4. Cyclists won't cut you off at every corner of Dundas.

5. Longer late night/early morning hours at libraries, especially for university students - equipped with beds and pillows.

6. Traffic lights actually meaning something to crazy drivers on Bloor.

7. And the cyclists.

8. And the pedestrians.

9. The DVP becoming an easy and traffic-free drive.

10. The sidewalks along Spadina being shovelled/ploughed before 10AM on weekdays in the winter.

11. The Eaton Centre caf having no lines at lunch time.

12. The expansion of "Little Italy" to a "Little Europe."

13. More food trucks in and around UofT, Ryerson, and OCAD.

14. Walking lanes for opposing "traffic" on sidewalks throughout Toronto.

15. Text-and-walk lanes in subways - especially St. George and Union.

16. Free wifi hotspots in bus shelters across Toronto (or, heck, everywhere!)

17. Taxi drivers not instilling fear into the hearts of passionate Uber passengers (and drivers alike).

18. More free Starbucks events to get your brain kick-started on Monday mornings.

19. More space at the Beaches.

20. People leashing their dogs outside of the "leashes off" areas in High Park.

21. A TTC stop right in front of your house - perfect after a long day in Toronto.

22. A later last call, because who wants to go home at 2am... ?