Fall is here, which means everything in Toronto just got a whole lot cuter, and a whole lot busier. With school starting back up, and everyone putting in a little more time at work, it can get hard to fit your friends into your schedule.

If you need to show your BFF a little bit of love, I have you covered.  I have compiled a list of 22 fun activities to do with your best friend(s) in Toronto this fall!

Also, send your BFF this article if you're looking for a passive aggressive way to tell them to hang out with you ASAP! ;)

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1. Indulge in a cold pint at Bellwoods Brewery

Who can say no to a couple of beers on an adorable patio!? Plus, you can always go for a fall walk in Trinity Bellwoods once you're finished your drinks.

2. Have a picnic in High Park

If you or your friends are on a budget, a picnic is a great option. Bring your own food or snacks that are within your own budget, and take a stroll through High Park. This is also a great excuse to get outside before it gets too cold.

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3. Go coffee shop hopping on Queen West

There is no better way to catch up with a friend than over a warm cup of coffee. Luckily Queen west offers tons of adorable independent coffee shops to fuel your addiction!

4. Enjoy one of these amazing heated patios in the city

Just because fall is over does not mean patio season has come to an end. Grab your squad and keep cozy on one of Toronto's many heated patios.

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5. Go for a fall hike at Evergreen Brickworks

If you're looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but still stay local, Evergreen Brickworks is your destination! Unwind on their scenic trails and beautiful green spaces.

6. Get in the Halloween spirit at Casa Loma's Haunted House

This is the ultimate way to get into the Halloween spirit, especially if you're looking for an activity to do with a large group of friends.

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7. Check out some of these places to get the perfect fall Instagram

I will fully admit that I take Instagram WAY too seriously. But if you enjoy it, do it! If you and your friends are ready to start achieving your perfect fall aesthetic, take a photo walk and get those perfect pics for your feed!

8. Try out Hula Girl Espresso's new fall flavoured drinks

Branch away from your typical Starbuck's PSL, and treat you and your BFF to some new Toronto favourites.

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9. Get some exercise and go for a fall bike ride on one of Toronto's many bike paths

Sometimes the motivation to exercise is completely non-existent, especially when bikini season comes to an end. But BFFs often make the best workout buddies, so grab your bikes and pick one of the awesome paths Toronto has to offer!

 10. Gather the squad and go on a haunted road trip of the GTA

Eul (one of our fab writers) recently created a 3 hr haunted road trip around the GTA. If you and your BFFs are looking for something to do this weekend, why not dedicate an afternoon or evening to visiting these haunted locations?


11. Enjoy some amazing Canadian Art at Art Toronto

If you're suffering from the post-nuit blanche blues, check out Art Toronto! This event displays works from tons of Canadian artists, and students get discunted admission!

12. Laugh your ass off at the Everything About Sex show

This is a great way to bond with your bestie and take a step (or a large leap) out of your comfort zone.

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13. If you have a guilty pleasure for TED Talks, educate yourself at Toronto's own TEDX

I don't know about you, but I can binge watch TEDtalks like no other. Toronto's TEDX conference is a great place to get inspired by others, especially if you've found yourself in an end of year slump.

14. Finally party at the new Sound Academy, Rebel

Rebel is Toronto's newest nightclub, and the perfect destination for you and your squad to party this fall. If you're tired of hitting up the same 3 bars King St, mix things up with Rebel.

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15. Take a breathtaking GTA day trip to look at some fall colours

We are so incredibly lucky to have so many adorable cities in the surrounding areas. Grab your BFF and take a day trip to indulge in the incredible fall foliage.

16.  Finally join Toronto's Zombie Walk

If you've always wanted to join a Toronto Zombie walk, why not do it this year?! This is a hilarious event that offers tons of opportunities to you and your friends to meet new people as well!

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17. Take part in a cider tasting at Her Father's Cider Bar

Nothing says fall like a crisp cider! So why not get a little tipsy while cider tasting with your BFF?

18. Meet your favourite Authors at Harbourfront's International Festival of Authors

If you or your BFF is a total bookworm, this is a must-attend event. You'll have the chance to meet some of your favourite authors, and maybe even get them to sign a copy of their book!

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19. Check out the Pop Art Exhibit at the AGO

Pop art is the coolest art, in my opinion (we can agree to disagree). If you and your friends have been talking about going to the AGO for a while now, you should definitely go while this exhibit is still on! Also, students get discounted admission.

20. Attend 90's kids Tuesdays at the GladStone

Mix up your usual bar nights by adding a 90's kid twist. It's time to pull out your scrunchies and your high top converse and head to the Gladstone.

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21. Take a trip to the St. Lawrence Market and treat yourself to a super yummy lunch

This is an awesome way to spend a relaxed Saturday morning. Head to the St Lawrence Market and grab a delicious bite from one of the many local vendors.

22.  Go pumpkin picking in the GTA

This is super cheesy, but realistically extremely fun. You're also guaranteed to get at least 5 adorable Instagrams of one another!

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