22 Cheap But Awesome Restaurants In Little Italy For Broke B*tches

Broke and hungry? Yeah ... me too.
22 Cheap But Awesome Restaurants In Little Italy For Broke B*tches

You're in downtown Toronto, you're hungry, but you're low on cash. Literally, the story of our lives, right? Little Italy is filled with tons of different options for food that you can never go wrong with while you're there! 

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WE GOT YOU! Here are 23 restaurants in Little Italy that you can enjoy without breaking your bank!

California Sandwiches // 244 Claremont Street 

Amazing sandwiches for an amazing price! Part of a local chain, this unassuming eatery specializes in substantial Italian sandwiches.

Mi'hto Sushi Laboratory // 285 College St 

This simple spot offers sushi-stuffed burritos & other seafood dishes such as poke bowls & tacos all for an affordable price! 

The Big Chill // 566 College St.

This old fashioned retro ice cream parlor offers 30+ flavors along with serving sundaes, milkshakes & waffle cones.

Nora Shawarma // 399 College St. 

A quick lunch spot that never disappoints for shawarmas, wraps, and poutines!  

Dolce Gelato // 697 College Street 

A dope spot also offering dozens of flavors of gelato. Plus as a bonus, they also offer Italian-style desserts & specialty coffees!

A1 Caribbean Canteen // 596 College St. 

If you're looking for a relaxed atmosphere, that offers a ton of food for the price, A1 Caribbean Canteen is the spot to go! Serving classic West Indian curries, seafood & BBQ jerk fare.

Bitondo's Pizzeria // 11 Clinton Street 

Bitondo's is known for their slices, sandwiches, panzerotti & pies made-to-order, all for a reasonable price! 

Thrive Organic Kitchen // 409 College St 

A health-minded cafe that serves organic salads, sandwiches & other light eats. The perfect time to come to Thrive is for weekend brunch! 

Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe // 712 College Street 

This Italian gelateria serves ice cream, waffles & coffee in a relaxed setting complete with an outdoor patio for the summer. 

Hotmess Tex Mex // 615 College St

Perfect if you're looking to grab some snacks with a friend, this snug joint offers beer, margaritas & snacks all for a great price. 

The Original San Francesco // 10 Clinton Street

The Original San Francesco serves hot Italian sandwiches dipped in bubbling sauce, plus pizza, sausages & olives! How can we say no to this? 

Veghed // 1199 Dundas Street West 

This cute little take-out spot offers vegetarian sandwiches, vegan soups, juices, smoothies & more. Perfect for those who are looking for a more healthier alternative. 

Pinky's Ca Phe // 53 Clinton St 

Decked out in lanterns & tinsel, Pinky's Ca Phe serves creative Vietnamese food served with cocktails & beer.

Burro Burrito // 655 College Street

Move over chipotle, Burro Burrito is here to take over with authentic Mexican food, offering all burritos, tacos, bowls, and more! 

Sushitto & Rollipub // 598 College St

Known for its sushi burritos, Sushitto and Rollipub is a casual spot that serves Asian food with an adorable picnic-style seating. 

YamChops // 705 College Street

YamChops is a plant-based butcher shop. YamChops is perfect for vegan, vegetarian, & flexitarian eaters. They offer meat-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free options.

Rosen's Cinnamon Buns // 825 College Street

This bright bakery with no seating offers sticky cinnamon buns, plus coffee & tea. A classic staple in Little Italy. Pick some up before you head home! 

CANO Restaurant // 1108A St Clair Ave W

This easygoing eatery serves up popular Italian food with a huge focus on seafood. Amazing food creations that are unique to Cano!

Riviera Bakery // 576 College Street

Riviera is an Italian bakery offering cookies, pastries & bread, accommodating to all people, Riviera also offers some gluten-free options.The desserts here to die for! 

P.G Clucks // 610 College Street

Fried chicken, coleslaw, sweet pickles, smoky chili sauce, and ranch sauce, on a sweet potato bun! where else can you get this for only $7? 

Pray Tell // 838 College St. 

A cute little snack bar that you and your friends will fall in love with! Serving dope food creations with boozy drinks and delicious snacks. 

Sneaky Dee's // 431 College St

Sneaky Dee's is a bar serving up Tex-Mex food. People come back over and over again for their nachos! Also with edgy live music & DJs upstairs.