We finally made it guys! After this incredibly long, insufferable winter we've reached the other side and are being rewarded with beautiful spring weather. In no time all the spring flowers will start popping up, the patios will be packed daily and everyone will be venturing out of their houses again. 

Spring is my absolute favourite time of the year because after so many months of grey, all the colours come back and honestly, people are just happier during the spring! 

We all know that sitting at a patio drinking and eating every night can get a bit expensive though so here are some completely free things to indulge in to make the most of spring in the city! 

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22. Check out the beautiful cherry blossoms in High Park. 

The most anticipated flower event of the year in Toronto is definitely the blooming of the stunning cherry blossoms in High Park. Since it's been such a cool spring they haven't quite bloomed yet but they predict the park to be bursting in pink in the next week or so!

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21. Spend the day at the Spring Sidewalk Sale in Parkdale. 

Every year the Parkdale area hosts a massive sidewalk sale that you definitely can't miss. It's called Spring Into Parkdale and it will be held on May 13th. There will be flower markets, night food markets, flea markets, live music and so much more!

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20. Peruse the isles of fresh flowers at the Toronto Flower Market. 

The very first day of the bi/monthly flower market in Toronto will be taking place on May 12th! There will be tons of booths full of fresh bouquets of flowers being sold or you can choose to just peruse the isles and enjoy the scent of fragrant, beautiful flowers up close.

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19. Visit tons of historically significant buildings for free at Doors Open TO. 

If you've never taken part in Doors Open TO before then this year is your chance! On May 26th and 27th more than 130 historically and architecturally significant buildings in the city will be completely open to the public. You can see inside some buildings that are usually restricted to most of the public or cost money to enter!

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18. Check out the Mother's Day edition of the Leslieville Flea Market. 

The Leslieville Flea Market in Leslieville doesn't start until June but they've decided to do a special Mother's Day edition of the market held at the Broadview Hotel! Bring your mom and enjoy a day full of deal hunting and vintage shopping.

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17. Wander through the rooms of art at the AGO. 

Every Wednesday evening from 6-9pm entrance to the beautiful Art Gallery of Ontario is completely free to everyone! Wander through all the exhibits, take some cute photos and avoid paying extra to see stunning art.

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16. Spend some time in the quiet at the Toronto Reference Library. 

The Toronto Reference Library is one of the most iconic and beautiful buildings in the city. It might not look like much from the outside but once you're inside you'll be greeted by rows and rows of brightly lit book shelves with tons of nooks to sit down and enjoy a book in the quiet or catch up on work!

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15. Wander through Kensington Market for Pedestrian Sundays. 

Every Sunday starting May 27th until October 28th the streets of Kensington Market will be closed to cars and fully open to pedestrians. There will be musicians playing in the streets, flea markets set up, street performers, tons of food vendors and so much more to enjoy!

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14. See flowers in full bloom at Osgoode Hall. 

Osgoode Hall is a heritage building in Toronto that was built back in the 1800s. It's a stunning piece of architecture that is now used as the Ontario Court of Appeal. It's a popular place for photos especially in the spring months when the flowers in the expansive garden begin to bloom!

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13. Take in views of the city skyline at the Chester Hill Lookout. 

The Chester Hill Lookout is actually still somewhat unknown which is pretty surprising for a big city like Toronto. It's located in the Don Valley and offers a great place to hike to with remarkable views both in the daytime and at night!

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12. See some serious talent at the CONTACT Photography Festival. 

Scotiabank's CONTACT Photography Festival is back again this year from May 1st-31st. There will be tons of exhibits showcased across locations in the city such as the AGO, the Harbourfront Centre, the Ryerson Image Centre and more!

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11. Enjoy a picnic in the beautiful St. James Park. 

St. James Park is like a magical oasis sitting right in the heart of downtown Toronto. Once spring starts all the flowers begin to bloom so you can enjoy a cozy picnic or a stroll through the gardens with a view of the city skyline!

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10. Get your tan on at the adorable Sugar Beach. 

Sugar Beach is the best spot in the city to hang out on a warm day. The pink umbrellas, sandy beach area, and white lounge chairs offer an amazing place to sit back and relax while you soak up that summer sun.

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9. Stroll through the cherry blossom trees at Trinity Bellwoods Park. 

Cherry Blossom season in the city has almost arrived! With that said everyone knows that the most popular spot for cherry blossom viewing is in High Park, but Trinity Bellwoods Park also has a ton of beautiful trees. If you're looking for a smaller crowd this might be the perfect spot for you.

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8. Wander through the natural oasis Cloud Gardens Conservatory.  

Cloud Gardens is like a piece of tropical rainforest in the middle of the Toronto's downtown core. Escape the hustle of city life and wander through the isles of stunning plants!

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7. Take a stroll over the Humber Bay Arch Bridge. 

The Humber Bay Arch Bridge is one of the most photographed spots in the city and it's clear why. It's a pedestrian-only bridge that's great for cycling, running or strolling on a warm day!

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6. Explore the supposedly haunted Gibraltar Point Lighthouse. 

There's a dark and mysterious story behind the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse located out on the Toronto Islands. It's the site where Toronto's very first light keeper was murdered back in 1815. It's still said to be haunted by him to this day.

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5. Take some creative photos at the Vog Vault. 

Located inside the unique shoe shop on Queen Street West called John Fleuvog Shoes is an even more unique illusionist room! Anyone can come inside and take a creative shot in the room that will play tricks on all of your social media followers.

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4. Admire the amazing street art at Underpass Park.

The unique Underpass Park is located in Toronto's Corktown area and is the perfect place to admire some of the most amazing street art the city has to offer. It's also a super popular shot for photo shoots.

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4. Take a tour of the city with The Tour Guys. 

The Tour Guys run a completely free tour program in Toronto that you should definitely take advantage of. Learn about things in the city you never knew about without paying a cent! Although, tipping your tour guy at the end of a tour is highly encouraged for all of their hard work.

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3. Check out the bamboo forest hidden inside U of T.

If you head over to The Donnelly Centre building at U of T you'll find a secret bamboo forest that you just need to discover. It offers a beautiful spot to sit, relax and catch up on work or studying!

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2. Enjoy a tour and tasting at the Amsterdam Brewhouse.

You can take a tour of the super cool Amsterdam Brewhouse by one of their brewmasters for no cost at all! You'll even get to sample some of their fresh beer and learn all about the process behind making it. Check out their schedule and make sure to book in advance though!

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1. Watch the sunset over the city at Polson Pier. 

Polson Pier has a whole lot going on. It's home to the Cabana Pool Bar, has a Go-Kart track, Rebel Night Club and it's also the #1 spot to watch the sun go down over the city! Take your camera and make sure you get an amazing shot.