22 Signs You're Definitely From Thornhill/Richmond Hill

Where my JAPS at?
22 Signs You're Definitely From Thornhill/Richmond Hill

 Thornhill/Richmond Hill might as well be hyphenated because these two burbs are one package. Lets face it, you spent a lot of time loitering around and doing super basic things. 

Here is a list that will bring you back in time:

1. Silver City at Yonge and Highway 7 was the go to Friday hot spot... 

 2. ...But you watched movies at Rainbow cinemas because it was cheaper.

 3. Lingering around Promenade and Hillcrest Mall was a thing.

4. You had to shop at Urban Planet. 

 5. Before you got your license, you rode the Free-Va.

 6. And of course you wanted to "kiss-and-ride".

 7. You spent your summers at Wonderland because it was a Viva away.

 8. The first time you had Sushi was at Ginza.

 9. And bubble tea right next door.

 10. You either went to Westmount, Vaughan, Stephen Lewis, Langstaff or Thornlea.

 11. TIP saved the naughty students.

 12. Andrew Wiggins might have been your bro.

 13. You're familiar with Avril Lavigne’s old house. 

 14. Smoking  shisha was an underagers thing. 

 15. Like omg JAPS are everywhere. 

 16. And Russians.

 17.  The Richmond Hill Country Club has the best pool.

 18. You know you danced at Vibe.

 19. Spending unnecessary amount of hours @ the B&R Timmies was and is obligatory. 

 20. Don't sign up to L.A fitness if you want to avoid your ex.

 21. You have gone to at least 20 Bar/Bat mitzvahs.

 22. Thank Shabat for no traffic.?

What are some of your favourite memories growing up in Richmond Hill and Thornhill?

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