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Making the decision to move to a new city is huge, and it's important to know all your facts before you get there. Unfortunately there are certain quirks that every city has that, for the most part, you'll only find out about once you get there. It shouldn't have to be that way though. All it takes is a good friend to shed some light on things.

1. First and last

Every apartment you want to live in will cost an arm and a leg to secure.

2. The brutal wind

If you are outside in the winter, your face is always hurting.

 3. The fact that everyone is always busy

Wanna see your friends? Make sure to plan it at least a week in advance!

4. The chicken and waffle craze

And the fact that restaurants get away with charging $15 for a tiny waffle and a piece of gristle.

 5. Last call at 2:00am

Because, really?

 6. Rent will make you cry

And it'll be 80% of your paycheck

7. You will always be late

Because the TTC is a nightmare.

8. You will have friends you never see because they live on the other side of town.

Hellooo East End gang!

9. The Junction is a waste of time

It actually sucks.

10. Rob Ford isn't just a joke

He also gutted public services and made commuting in any way other than a car a huge pain.

11. On that note, don't get a car if you spend a lot of your time downtown

Unless you love traffic jams and never being able to find parking.

12. No Frills vegetables are sketch

Stay away.

13. It's not the snow you have to worry about, it's the ice

It's always where you least expect it.

14. Metropasses might not be worth the money

Unless you're a drifter who travels around the city constantly.

15. And if you're not using a metropass, you have to deal with tokens

They're tiny and weird, and you will never find a place to put them.

16. Nobody goes out on weekdays

And bedtime is always 11:30pm

17. Buying booze is a race against time

"Shit! The LCBO closes in 10 minutes!"

18. And your options suck

I really can't get Newcastle unless I spend a ton of money on it at the Beer Store?

19. It can be 3C when you leave the house, and -18C when you're coming home

With no warning.

20. Garbage day only comes once every two weeks

Which can take a bit of a lifestyle adjustment to get used to.

21. Everyone's got a thing about eyebrows

And you'll never really understand it.

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22. There's a bunch of winter festivals you never hear about the first year you're here

You're too much of a newbie for anyone to tell you.

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