Humber students are a special breed.  We constantly voice our opinions about our school, our peers, and our curriculum all over social media, and I have definitely noticed a few common trends.

We all have things we love and hate about our school, but realistically we will forever be Humber Hawks, and we are proud of it!

Check the list below to see if you are one of the few who have ever uttered these phrases while on campus.

1. "It's so easy to find parking at North Campus"

Please be aware that once most people enter the parking lot, they completely forget how to drive. Good luck.

2. "MyHumber is incredibly reliable"

Never get your hopes up when they are updating MyHumber, it sadly won't get better.

3. "Yeah, I am definitely going to the Orangeville campus frosh events"

Is Orangeville campus even real?!

4. "I'm so stoked for election season"

The only thing people are paying attention to is how they can get free stuff after voting.

5. "I find registration very relaxing"

I think I have a mental breakdown every time I see an elective fill up.

6. "The Tim's line up is so fast"

Realistically, it's not Tim Horton's fault we all have a sick caffeine addiction (myself included).

7. "There is honestly no difference between Lakeshore Campus and North Campus"

Don't get me started.

8. "I'm really craving a hug from the Humber Hawk"

I will avoid eye contact at all costs.

9. "The Wifi is so quick today"

At this point I would honestly just rather set up a hotspot on my phone.

10.  "I love when my prof doesn't use blackboard"

If I had to learn to use it, you should to!

11. "I'm early for class, TTC was very quick"

I recently got a bike, and I get way too much gratification when I'm going faster than the street car.

12.  "Honestly, the 5-8PM classes are my favourite"

Going to class when the sun is still out and walking home in pitch black is a very confusing thing.

13.  "I'm really glad Ignite spent money on a giant Muskoka chair for Frosh"

Why a chair?!?!?!?! What about new computers?!?!?!?!

14. "I find it charming that the high school students are always in the Lakeshore cafeteria"

This. Is. Not. Your. School.

15.  "I fvcking hate when my classes are cancelled because of the snow"

I live for snow days, bless up mother nature!

16. "I'm really looking forward to my commute home"

If you're a commuter, you have my condolences. You are a brave, brave soul for sitting on transit for 2+ hrs.

17. "I'm not even excited for the Starbucks at Lakeshore Campus"

Let's be real, that cold brew is a true game changer.

18.  "The gym was completely dead all of January"

The amount of New Year's resolution fitness gurus is astounding.

19.  "I have too much OSAP"


20.  "Group projects are completely fair, and I have never had to do all the work!"

I did the powerpoint, I did the write up, I printed off everyone's work, and I made the bibliography. Oh but don't worry, Karen wrote the intro.

21.  "I have never Googled the answers for my online quizzes"

Online quiz questions almost beg to be Googled.

22.  "Oh no, I don't want another free water bottle"

I don't know why, but getting a free Humber water bottle makes me feel some type of way.

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