22 Thoughts You Have At Pearson International Airport

Because travelling isn't stressful enough...

There's lots of anxiety, worry, and stress upon arriving at an airport. Especially Pearson International, Canada's largest airport. Of course, it's exciting and fun to travel but while you're waiting, there's lots to think about before getting on a flight to paradise. It's a great opportunity to people watch and to indulge in some deep thinking. Besides, what else are you supposed to do besides stroll around Duty Free and hope that your flight doesn't get cancelled?

1. Did I lock my door?

2. What if the cat doesn't recognize me when I come back?

3. Is there a Tim Hortons around here?

4. There can't just not be a Tim Hortons in a Canadian airport

5. I wish I had a direct flight

6. Did that guy just unpack, then repack his carry on?!

7. How often do they clean airport bathrooms?

8. Okay, I really have to pee though

9. What if I pee and they call my flight?

10. What if the plane leaves without me?

11. Why do families with small children board first?

12. Why are private jets so expensive?

13. I bet Jessica Alba can board first on a plane

14. I ate too much

15. What if I'm too heavy for the plane now?

16. I didn't leave the television on, did I?

17. I should stop binge-watching House of Cards

18. I forgot my toothbrush, didn't I

19. How am I supposed to pack a toothbrush after I use it in the morning?

20. I should probably book an evening flight next time

21. I think I'm already jet-lagged

22. No that's stupid, I haven't even left Toronto yet