Let's be real, Oakville is one of the most privileged neighborhoods in the GTA. Between the numerous luxury vehicles roaming the streets and the beautiful mansions, it's pretty hard not to be impressed. Although, with this type of lavish lifestyle comes a few struggles, most of them being first world struggles.

This is not to say that people from Oakville don't have legitimate problems because we all do! But this article is mainly to poke fun at the inconveniences that would only happen in Oakville Ontario.

So, if you or somebody you know is from Oakville, read on to see if you have been a victim of some of these first world problems.

1. Having to wait forever for your Stoney's pickup.

2. Attempting to find parking on Lakeshore on a beautiful day, but failing miserably.

3. When you think that you'll get a fresh start once you go to university, but when you get to Western your entire graduating year is there as well.

4. How serious everyone in Oakville takes their athletic wear wardrobe.

5. Constantly hearing teens drag racing their BMW's while you're trying to sleep.

6. If you went to O.T. you instantly hated anyone from Appleby, and vise versa.

7. When What's The Scoop went out of business and you had to settle for Marble Slab.

8. You know winter is finally here when reckless teens start drifting in the Maple Grove parking lot. #fastandfurious

9. How most drivers in Oakville take stop signs as a light suggestion and not an actual road rule.

10. Having to shovel a 3 car garage driveway when the snow blower breaks.

11. Accidentally entering a gated neighborhood and instantly pulling an aggressive U-turn.

12. Constantly running into your friend's parents at Whole Foods.

13. You know it's time for Boots and Hearts when the girls switch up their Sperry's for cowboy boots.

14. Going to Monastery bakery on a Sunday and never failing to see somebody you know.

15. When the person in front of you at Strabucks pays for their coffee with an 100 dollar bill and you're standing there thinking if your drink will be cheaper without whip cream.

16. When cottage season rolls around and you have to figure out who is worthy of an invite.

17. When Esso is out it supreme gas, and you seriously just consider walking.

18. The fact that Bronte Harbour is considered a "tourist area".

19. Constantly hearing about coyote sightings in your neighborhood.

20. Admiring someone's holiday lights, but then you see that they hired a company to put them up and you no longer think they are nearly as impressive.

21. When the LCBO is sold out of Dom Perignon and Smirnoff.

22. Whenever you're traveling internationally you just tell people you're from Toronto because it's easier.

23. Pretending you're on your phone while walking down Kerr Street at night just so that you don't have to talk to anyone sketchy.

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