23 Places To Find Every Type Of Toronto Mans

The Toronto mans is a one-of-a-kind creature, curated by a combination of what the city has to offer. Just like fuckboys, the Toronto mans has many varities to its one, specific species. 

Different creatures of course thrive in their own environments, whether they're dive bars, raucous clubs, or hole-in-the-walls across the city. We've pinpointed some unique spots where you can find (or avoid) a certain kind of Toronto Mans. 

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King Street Kings

Straight Outta Commerce-Grads 

The Boy's Bois 

Scrappy, Starving Artists 

Hypothetical Hypebeasts 

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The King of King Street 

The King of King Street works hard for his party boy rep. Promoting every weekend is borderline exhausting, but he still wants y'all to have a good time. Even if he doesn't personally promote - he totally could. Catch him chatting up the club photographers or heading for some 3am Chinese at the end of the night. Added bonus: You no longer know what a club line looks like and always get a fair share of the bottles inside. Can be found at:

1. Wildflower, pouring Grey Goose down someone's throat 

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2. Combing through the crowd @ EFS // 647 King St. W.

This patio is his stomping ground once it opens. The lower level is literally beneath him.

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3. Filling up mixed drinks @ Lost and Found 

Making sure your glass is never empty and your wallet is always full.

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4. Passing out McDonalds @ Door 3 

Nuggets in the club typa guy, u feel me?

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5. Packing the house at Spice Route 

Because it's not a party until it's packed!

For Straight Outta Commerce guys, click next!

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1. Straight Outta Commerce

Can be found at: STK or whatever Yorkville resto the rest of the partners picked out

This guy is straight outta Commerce, meaning that he busted his ass in a tough business program and is living the high, Bay Street life. Mom and Dad miiight have helped him land his first job out of school, but he's a hard worker when he's not sipping on $20 shots of scotch. Added bonus: he's super generous (bc of his super stacked paycheck) and doesn't mind tipping the bouncer to get you in the bar quicker. You can also spot him:

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2. Ordering plates of sashimi @ Kasa Moto 

White rice is a little too carby for his liking.

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3. Letting loose @ Early Mercy 

All the fun of the club with not nearly as much mess.

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4. Striking it @ St. George's Golf Club 

Ever heard of deals on the course?!

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1. The Boy's Bois 

This guy is a general crowd pleaser. He always has a smile on his face and a beer in his hand. He's the type that everyone somehow knows and is super happy to see. He's most likely a bit of a goon, but that's somehow part of his charm. Added bonus: this is the typa dude that'll walk you to the subway/wait for your cab/scare off that creepy dude at the bar for you. Can be found at:

1.The Maddy 

Pounding beers with 10 dudes from highschool he was too stoked to bump into.

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2. Chugging cheap pitchers @ Green Room 

This place is the least pretentious, and so is he.

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3. Catching up with old friends @ The Swan & Firkin

Or any Firkin, really. He's just down for a good time.

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4. Grabbing a bite @ Burger Priest 

Simple dude, simple pleasures.

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1. The sensitive, scrappy, starving artist 

He uses his OSAP for boxed wine and cheap weed from a cannabis clinic. He has an apartment near Parkdale and loves getting fucked up to discuss art or music. He's super insightful and has a dope record collection for you to flip through. For a guy who counts his pennies, he's generous and cool albeit a bit of a hot mess. Added bonus: He'll probably edit your English essays or sketch you on the back of a bar napkin. Can be found at:

1.The Cadillac Lounge

Or anywhere that's a little rough around the edges

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2. Scoping the scene @ Bambi's

Trying to see if you'd make a good karaoke partner or not.

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3. Parked on The Rhino's patio 

They have 240+ craft beers. As if they'd be drinking anywhere else.

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4. Snacking & relaxin @ Dock Ellis 

Cash them discussing the pros and cons of vintage film cameras.

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5. Cupping a cortado @ The Black Canary 

Bold and strong - you are what you drink.

For Hypothetical Hypebeasts, click next!

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1. The Hypothetical Hypebeast 

This guy is a perma mystery, seeing as he lives with his parents yet still has cash for 3 pairs of the new Adidas x A$AP Ferg collection. His Instagrams are always carefully crafted, edited and posted (peak time, on a Sunday). You've never seen him not look camera ready and you kinda hate him for it. Added bonus: he always knows your angles and is down for anything gram-worthy. Also spot him: Can be found:

1.Lining up 3 days early outside Nomad for the next Yeezy release

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2. Posting up outside Graffiti Alley

For that picture perfect shot. 

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3. Grabbing a bite @ Toteria San Cosmé 

Have to buy a lunch as boogie as you are.

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4. Dangling from a skyscraper 

Do it for the 'gram.

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5. Flaunting his OOTD @ The Eaton Centre 

Where else is he supposed to show off?

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