23 Reasons Lakeshore Is The Only Place You Should Be Living In Toronto

If you love nature, you will find the beauty on Lakeshore.

Toronto is a beautiful city to live in and there are many areas to choose from that will  accommodate your preferences. Each area is different from one another, therefore it's important to make decisions based on your lifestyle.

If there's an opportunity, I highly suggest for you to live on Lakeshore. Living on the water is an extraordinary experience, one that will only truly understand if you make the move. Perhaps you'll relocate to this area within the next month after you become familiar with these 23 Reasons You Should Move To Lakeshore:

1. The view is extraordinary.

2. Especially during sunrise and sundown.

3. There is always a fresh breeze.

4. You sleep better from the fresh air coming through the window.

 5. And the sounds of nature sing to you to sleep.

6. All of a sudden you want to live a healthy lifestyle; you either go for a walk,run,bike ride or rollerblade at least twice a week.

 7. During the summer, ice cream trucks are everywhere.

8. There are many beaches along Lakeshore to choose from.

9. You can go for a swim in the Lake, if not at the Sunnyside pool, located practically on the beach.

10. You'll watch the Victoria/Canada Day fireworks from your balcony or in front of your house.

Photo cred - @joeyfreedom

11. The swans will become your friends.

 12. But hopefully not the coyotes.

 13.  You can have a picnic everyday.

Photo cred - @edentrattoria_lakeshore

14. There are so many restaurants, pubs and bars to choose from.

 15. The TTC routes are on point.

 16. The highway is easy to access from different parts of Lakeshore (GARDINER/QEW/DVP)

17. You'll take the best (instagram) photographs.

 18. You'll make money on your property because waterfront living can get pricey $$$ ^^^.

Photo cred - @lai_jeet

19. Your boat/jet ski/ yacht can be parked less than 5 min  away.

20. Lakeshore is a perfect location for dog owners!

 21. There's emotional value - once you live on the water, you will understand.


22. There are spiders everywhere.

 23. It can be a bit more chilly during the winter on the lake from the cold winds, but some people enjoy the cold breeze.

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