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23 Struggles Every Private School Kid Can Relate To

"Remember, we're paying for your education."
23 Struggles Every Private School Kid Can Relate To

Do you remember the first day at your private school? Some of us were stuck going there since JK while others got sent off in high school for their bad behavior. It wasn't easy being in a private school because there were so many strict rules that came along with that 20 k tuition (the average school fee.)

Let's reminisce on childhood and teenage years, by taking look at this list. If you went to a private school in Toronto, you'll most defiantly be familiar with these 23 struggles:

1. There is no way you miss that tie.

2. And some of us actually had to wear blazers or vest sweaters in 30 + degree weather.

3. Your VP would actually hunt you down if your kilt was too short.

4. Or if your shirt wasn't tucked in.

5. You constantly lost your socks or ripped your tights.

6. Your teacher may have been your friends mom or dad.

7. And you only had 10 people in some of your classes.

8. New comers were a pretty big deal.

9.  Skipping class wasn't easy.

10. You were constantly reminded that your education is being payed for by teachers and parents.

11. At least one of your friends got for caught smoking pot in the dumbest way possible and got expelled for it.

12. Remember the kid who drove daddy's 150 k car?

13.  And others had a chauffeur.

14. BMWS, Mercedes, Range Rovers, Porsches - plenty of them filled the school parking lot.

15. Your public school friends were super  jealous that you finished school 3 weeks early in the summer.

16. And that you had 2 weeks of March break.

17. You were considered that "spoiled kid" whenever someone found out you went to a private school.

18. There were serious rivalries with other private schools, especially when it came to sports.

19.  MILFS were everywhere.

20.  If a fight broke out, it was the ongoing story of the year.

21. And everyone loved to gossip.

22. You couldn't wait to run off to university.

23. Because you'd finally be able let loose and say f*ck it to the terrible rules you had to put up with for several years.

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