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23 Struggles Only Tall Women Understand

Being a woman is hard enough without the added pressure of being a tall woman. Flying under the radar is not an option, mostly because it's physically impossible. Thus comes the feeling that all eyes are on you, at all times, and not in a conceited and welcome type of way.

Us tall women need to stick together. We understand the struggles we each face on a day-to-day basis unlike our average height short friends whose only advice is to 'just wear flats on your date.'

1. Being the tallest one in pictures

Should you awkwardly crouch or?

2. Having to order your pants online

Do you have these in 'long'?

3. The need to own a lot of shoes that work with short pants

Booties are your best friend.

4. You probably also have large and in charge feet

How could you possibly balance without flippers?

5. Jean shopping

Forget about it.

6. Dress shopping

I swear my vagina is way up here, my legs are just long.

7. Blouse shopping

Are crop top blouses in yet?

8. Shoe shopping

Forget about it even more.

9. Constantly being asked if you play *insert tall person sport here*

No, I can't sub in on your volleyball team.

10. Average height guys are short guys

You will tower over him in your heels.

11. Camel-toe inducing rompers

Not cute.

12. Forget sharing clothes with your friends

I mean you could wear it with tights...

13. You definitely cannot trust a guy's online dating profile

If he says he's 5 foot 11, chances are he's 5 foot 7 at best.

14. Always being asked 'how tall are you exactly?'

None of your business.

15. Long sleeves become 3/4 length sleeves

Which don't always work.

16. Hitting your head a lot

Or at least feeling like you're always about too.

17. Inhumane people reclining their seats in front of you

Planes are the worst.

18. Sports cars

Why do cars with only 2 doors even exist?

19. Maxi dresses

Whatever, they don't actually have to drag on the floor

20. Crossing your legs under your desk

Not happening.

21. Towering over public bathroom stalls

Well this is awkward.

22. Hugging your shorter friends platonically

Sorry about all the boobs in your face

23. Shorter than usual shower heads

Who lives here? The Seven Dwarfs?

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