When was the last time you actually read something that wasn't either a tweet, facebook post or instagram caption? For some of us it may have stemmed back to the Twilight era where team Jacob or Edward was the hardest decision you had to make (we all had that phase....#teamjacob 4ever). Or maybe you never ditched the satisfaction of knocking back 300 pages of fresh paper and are already an avid reader. Basically whether you read textbooks, tweets or To Kill A Mockingbird, you'll definitely want to be reading these hot summer reads next.

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1. I Am That Girl: How To Speak Your Truth, Discover Your Purpose, And #bethatgirl // Alexis Jones, Sophia Bush

Need to get hyped up on your own ego for the summer? If you even hesitated then this book is for you. If you fist pumped and have already grabbed the book that is inspiring women to speak for themselves and find their own truth; get reading.

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2. The Alchemist // Paulo Coelho

This inspirational tale has been receiving RAVE reviews. It's the perfect read for anyone looking for inspiration, adventure and a reminder of the simple things.

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3. Me Before You // Jojo Moyes

This epic romance is the quintessential summer read. The bonus to having this bestseller title under your belt? When that person you're going to see the movie adaptation with says, "like, have you even seen the movie?" you can give a big f*ck ya response sans guilt.

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4. The Nest // Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney

What's the best way to distract ourselves from our complicated lovely lives? Reading a hilarious, ironic, and heart felt tale of an even more dysfunctional family than our own trying to make their way through New York.

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5. Milk and Honey // Rupi Kaur

I wish I could find an eloquent way to describe the beautiful poems that Rupi Kaur writes for this book. But nothing could do this book justice so all I'm going to say is that it's the ultimate mic drop for this 21st century Shakespeare. A must read for any romantic, anyone going through a heart break, or anyone who need inspiration that you can rebuild yourself through your own strength.

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6. The Widow // Fiona Barton

Love the mystery and suspense of the TTC will be a normal commute? Then you'll love this psychological thriller filled with twists, suspense, murder and a hunt for the truth needed to make it a must read on our list.

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7. I Had A Nice Time And Other Lies...How To Find Love & Sh*t Like That // The Betches

Turn to your number one betch for all things on love, dating and other sh*t like that. You can always trust on The Betches that brought you Nice Is Just A Place In France to learn how to get your sh*t together for the summer and embrace your inner badass.

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8. Thug Kitchen: Party Grub: For Social Motherf*ckers // Thug Kitchen

Being from the city that prides itself on it's brunch culture, it would be wrong not to include a cook book. But not just any type of cook book, one that breaks down the elite culture of eating well and makes it cool again. Following the amazing success of Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give A F*ck, Thug Kitchen is back with hilarious recipes to fuel your summer vibes.

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9. The Fireman // Joe Hill

A new mysterious plague leaving people with black and gold marks before causing them to burst into flames is raging across the world and no one knows where or when it started. Hooked already? Wait until Harper, the main character meets the Fireman. He's the one who can control the plague that's struck him and he uses it to protect himself and avenge the wronged; can Harper learn his secrets to protect herself?

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10. Love And Miss Communication // Elyssa Friedland

Follow a girl who does the unimaginable, puts away her smart phone and unplugs from the connected world we've become dependent on. Sick of all the late night emails, online dating, and selfies that causes the stress in her life Evie puts away her smart phone. For anyone that feels like they're in the same boat (or can't even imagine what a world without #likeforlike would look like), this book needs to be in your life.

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11. #GIRLBOSS // Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso is the definition of a badass. How did a hitchhiking, petty theft committing, anti-capitalist teen grow into he founder of the multimillion dollar clothing brand Nasty Gal? Read to find out her amazing story and hear her life changing advice on how you can find your inner #GIRLBOSS. Basically a guide on how to be the shit, sans bullshit.

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12. The Girl In The Spider's Web // David Lagercrantz

The genius hacker known as the girl with the dragon tattoo returns in this new book from Lisbeth Salander full of of new mysteries, cybercriminals, and secrets that the government may not even know. A must read for anyone seeking an adrenaline rush from pure thrill.

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13. Not Working // Lisa Owens

Anyone else feeling a Bridget Jones Diary kind of vibe lately? You're guaranteed to relate to this book about "twenty-something" Claire who takes the leap out of the stability of employment and relationships into the "real world". Obviously, things can't go her way or we wouldn't have a story. Follow Claire as she hilariously tries to find out how to actually live without having a 9-5 to fall back on.

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14. Eligible: A Modern Retelling Of Pride And Prejudice // Curtis Sittenfeld

Get a gaurenteed romantic fix this summer with the novel that gives you ultimate throwback to the classic tale of Pride and Prejudice, with a modern twist. Switching ballgowns for yoga mats and paleo diets, this modern twist is an entertaining read that's gotten incredible reviews.

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15. Shrill: Notes From A Loud Woman // Lindy West

With a stamp of approval from Lena Dunham, this hilarious collection of essays is sure to please. From her own journey breaking out of her shell, Lindy West will give you a reason to cry then laugh within a span of 5 minutes, something that honestly will probably happen to all of us anyways. Why not be inspired while doing it?

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16. Modern Romance //Aziz Ansari

If you only know him from Parks and Recreation or Master of None, get ready to know him as the love guru....or aspiring at least. To be honest, when I first got this book I thought it was going to be another celeb "how I rose to the top" kind of tale; I've never been more entertainingly proven wrong. Follow Aziz as he travels around the world to figure out how and why we choose to be in relationships today. From tinder to Japanese counter culture, this book is pretty much the best sociology class you never knew you wanted to take.

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17. Girls On Fire // Robin Wasserman

Seems like all the trends are going back to the nineties and books aren't about to fall behind the trend. This mystery is set in 1990's Pennsylvania in a place where a town just found their high school basketball star dead, with the gun in his own hand. Follow along as an unlikely, obsessive and risky friendship forms between two girls whose secrets come out in the worst ways. Replace the sugar, spice and everything nice for a story of "girls who burn bright and brighter-and some who flicker away". (Amazon)

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18. The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo // Amy Schumer

Anyone whose seen Trainwreck knows that Amy Schumer could have a conversation with a wall and make it seem hilarious (okay, that may be an exaggeration but you get the point, this girl is seriously funny). Her easy, relatable tone that's has a refreshingly non-bullshit view on the world makes us so excited for the release of her book come August.

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19. Dinner With Edward // Isabel Vincent

Ready to read a book about a man and a women that doesn't just end in a one night stand? This book isn't just a guaranteed feel good, but also one that will make you realize the power of what it means to help other people. Follow Isabel as she helps recently widowed Edward, an appearingly simple weekly dinner unveils shocking secrets that take this book straight off the shelf into our hands.

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20. We Should All Be Feminists // Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche

There's a reason this book is given to every 16 year old student in Sweden. It will take you a day to whip through this pocket sized read, but don't expect to forget about it anytime soon. Award winning author Adiche takes away all the complications and stigma surrounding feminism and finally gives you a simple answer to one of the biggest social questions in our world now; why should we be feminists?

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21. The Assistants // Camille Perri

Would you pay off your entire student debt if it meant breaking the rules and taking advantage of a technical glitch made in the expense reports of your boss? (Who happens to be the CEO of a multinational corporation) Typical rule follower Tina Fontana does in this gripping novel that follows her down the rabbit hole she created for herself.

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22. Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things // Jenny Lawson

Reading this book is like writing LOL a million times; but genuinely laughing out loud because it's funny in real life. (We all do the silent lol don't lie) This is a book about depression, aniexty and a life long battle against mental illness that you won't get punched for laughing at. Sound crazy? Take it from Jenny's mom, "Maybe 'crazy' isn;t so bad after all." (Amazon)

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23. Everybody's Fool // Richard Russo

The cover of the adorable dog may be enough for you to buy the book; but you should actually read it for the ironically entertaining story about a man who only has a couple years left to live. Bring out your inner eavesdropper and go deep into the stories and lives of characters in the protagonist Sully's life as he tries to keep the secret of his pending death from her.

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24. Keep Me Posted // Lisa Beazley

This book our favourite reminder that there was once a time where we didn't just talk on iPhones, and MSN messenger wasn't seen as archaic. For sisters who live on the opposite sides of the world, the easiest way to distract themselves from their increasingly messy lives isn't by looking forward but going back to the days where there were more pen pals then Facebook friends. A must read for anyone looking for a summer "awwwwhhh".

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