24 Reasons You're Still A Kid At Heart

Or in denial that you're an adult.

Everyone is always in a rush to grow up when they're younger, but what are they rushing towards? The responsibility of having to pay bills and rent, the freedom to go to work or cook for ourselves, or the chance to decide who we want to be and what we want to do for the rest of our lives...

Not to evoke any premature midlife crisis' or anything, but growing up is hard and regardless of the vast opportunities and responsibilities that adulthood is pleasantly lined with, there are still some habits from our childhood we just can't seem to kick.

1. You still want your mom when you're sick.

2. You're lying if you don't rush out of the basement when the lights go off.

3. You still throw tantrums.

Because expressing yourself has no age limit.

4. You frequently say things like “when I grow up…” even though you are, in fact, grown up.

5. You can't resist popping bubble wrap.

6. You never grew out of loving any of the classic Disney movies.

You are forever emotionally attached and the younger generation does not know them like you do.

7. You still cringe when your parents kiss.

8. You rely on that $20 dollars your relatives give you on special occasions to last at least a month.

9. You're still learning how to share.

10. You still make random noises and faces to express yourself.

11. Forts are always a good idea.

12. You cocoon yourself in blankets.

13. Onesies.

Why should babies have all the perks?

14. Mimicking is still a valid counterpoint.

15. You're jealous of anyone who has a swing at their house.

16. You love surprise gifts and parties.

17. You love taking naps and sleeping in.

18. You're still playing video games.

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19. University has made you realized how little your attention span has grown.

Except now distractions usually involves Facebook or Instagram. Or food.

20. Your mom still schedules your doctor's appointments.

21. You still enjoy childhood games.

Lego, hide-and-seek, capture the flag, Build-A-Bear, dress-up...they all still provide a greater level of enjoyment than anticipated.

22. You have so much love to give.

Enough for all the animals ever. Alive and stuffed.

23. You’re convinced that you are/will be the coolest parent ever because of all of this.

24. You're also giving yourself another 10 years until you consider yourself a "grown up".

What does "acting your age" really look like anyway? It looks like no fun. Don't grow up, it's a trap!