Toronto is a massive city with tons of things to offer, so it comes as no surprise that sometimes some spots go under the radar, even for locals. Though, it's not always a coincidence that these spots are so low-key, as most of them are meant to be that way!

Whether it's a hidden entrance or a spot you need to know a password for to gain entry, these restaurants, bars and places in Toronto are secrets in one way or another that are definitely worth checking out!

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Figures // 137 Avenue Rd 

Before you enter this comic book themed spot you are going to have to find the hidden doorway first! Once you get inside you can enjoy a range of plates that you can share with friends. From crab cakes and clams to an octopus salad, the menu is nothing short of eccentric and exciting, it's definitely worth finding!

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Itacate // 998 St Clair Ave W 

If you are looking for simply amazing tacos with no frills attached, this is definitely the spot to go. Itacate focuses solely on the tacos and you can tell, considering they are incredible! The authentic Mexican street food can be found in a butcher shop, while the venue itself isn't anything impressive, the food more than makes up for it!

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Alo // 163 Spadina Ave 

You can find Alo on the third floor of 163 Spadina and the luxe interior is definitely worth the elevator ride up. Inside you can choose between smaller plates to snack on while you grab a drink at the bar or settle for a proper meal!

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Green Republic Food Co // 439 University Ave 

This spot is a gem hidden in a forest of concrete office buildings, while the exterior is nothing to write home about, once you get inside you will be presently surprised. The clean and open atmosphere makes for a pleasing aesthetic and the bounty of options when it comes to your salad or food bowls will have you coming back several times.

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Bang Sue Bar // 11 Charlotte St 

This Thai spot features staple Thai inspired eats and beers on tap. It's a no-brainer spot whether you are catching up with friends or going on a date!

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Good Fortune // 130 Eglinton Ave E 

This secret bar is located in the basement of La Carnita and is one of the cutest spots on this list. While the menu is small, the eccentric atmosphere and quality of the food makes up for it! Plus not only do they have a good selection of beers on tap but they also feature some pretty interesting and unique cocktails!

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Fourk // 647 College St 

The ambiance inside this spot is extremely reminiscent of Distillery District with it's features of exposed brick and iron. Located inside Nightowl, this bar features classic pub eats with no-brainers like burgers, fries wings and nachos.

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Odd Seoul // 90 Ossington Ave 

This spot features Koren eats and has a very retro feel to it with neon LED signs, boom boxes and beer bottles lining the back wall of the bar. The snack bar features everything from cheesesteak to tempura chicken and is a great way to mix it up when it comes to late night eats!

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Attico // 134 Peter St 

Attico has a great ambiance considering the modern interior consisting of glass paneled walls showcase the traditional heritage buildings surrounding it. On top of the airy and peaceful vibe of the spot, they serve up a great tapas experience with from oysters and duck empanadas to a crab claw cocktail.

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The Cloak // 488 Wellington St W 

The Cloak lives up to its name considering the entrance can be pretty tough to find. Once you do find the entrance, you'll be pleasantly surprised that the extra effort was totally worth it. From unique drinks to the homey atmosphere, you can find this spot underneath the Marben restaurant.

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SP184 // 184 Ossington Ave 

This small spot is packed with character and a classic good time consisting of drinks and great food. While food isn't offered every night, it's a great place to grab a drink if you are looking for a new spot and don't want to deal with big crowds. With a DJ booth built into the bar itself, you are guaranteed a good time filled with great music every night!

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Junction City Music Hall // 2907 Dundas St W 

This underground spot is definitely worth checking out considering there is much more to do than just grab a drink. Not only do they have a small stage for live performers, but they've also got vintage arcade games and pinball machines for you to try your luck at!

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Cold Tea // 60 Kensington Ave 

While Cold Tea isn't nearly as big of a secret as it once was, the entrance is still pretty hard to find even if you know what you're looking for! From great drinks to equally as good food all wrapped up in an eccentric setting makes for a great night!

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The Hole In The Wall // 2867 Dundas St W 

The Hole In The Wall takes a page out of Distillery District's books with their exposed brick walls and leather seating. Apart from the comforting ambiance, the food offered ranges from chic dishes like escargot to other dishes such as Chinatown calamari.

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The Gift Shop // 89B Ossington Ave 

The design of this small spot located in the back of a barbershop is seriously impressive. The mirrored ceiling adds an already eccentric but not chaotic space that will definitely make it hard for you to resist pulling out your phone and snapping a quick photo of the spot. From Dill flavoured cocktails to Willy Wonka inspired drinks, you can get some pretty interesting drinks at this bar pre or post-haircut.

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The Green Room // 296 Brunswick St 

The Green Room is the perfect place if you are on a tight budget, but the overall space will have you coming back whether you are still are short on cash or not! From the staple cheap drinks and food to the lively music scene inside, it's a secret spot you will definitely want to share with your friends!

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Biblio-Mat at the Monkey's Paw // 1267 Bloor West

While this technically isn't a "spot," it definitely is a cool feature in the city that a lot of people don't know about. The Biblio-Mat is basically a book vending machine, and for $2 it will randomly select a book to give you! Located at Monkey's Paw, you'll never have to decide which book to get as it makes the decision for you!

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Division Gallery // 45 Ernest Ave

Tired of the AGO and the ROM? Check out this lesser known gallery in the city! Division offers tons of different exhibits every so often, and an 'ART TORONTO 2017' exhibit is coming soon on October 27th, so make sure to add it to your calendar!


Bamboo Forest // 160 College St 

This place is definitely well known by UofT students but otherwise, this spot goes under the radar for most city goers. The bamboo forest is located indoors right beside some of the heritage building faces that have been maintained and make for a gorgeous scene that you've got to check out at some point.

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Vog Vault at Fluevog Shoes // 686 Queen West

This gravity room is hosted inside of an eccentric shoe store that is Instagram-worthy in its own right. Though, you definitely do not want to miss out on checking out the vault considering it's a pretty unique feature offered in the city.

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Chester Hill Lookout 

This lookout is well known by people in the neighbourhood but otherwise, you've probably missed out on this spot. Whether you head over to relax or are taking a date, the Chester Hill Lookout offers the perfect view of the skyline in a serene space. Trust me when I say your first visit won't be your last!

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St. Anne's Anglican Church // 270 Gladstone

This gorgeous church is the perfect example of some incredible architecture that has gone under the radar in a city primarily made of glass and more modern buildings. If you are a fan of European style architecture, you've got to check out this church!

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Cloud Gardens 

Cloud Gardens is a pretty lowkey spot, you can end up walking right past it if you aren't paying enough attention! The small park is located on the side of The Chase and features a tropical garden as well as an art installation along the side of the building.

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Redway Road Staircase 

This Redway Road Staircase is the perfect spot to venture to, especially considering that Fall foliage is currently in it's prime right now. So top secret there aren't even images online for the place, the staircase takes you through Thorncliffe Park and makes for a great side venture for if you are just taking a stroll or mountain biking in the area!