24 Struggles All Tim Horton's Employees Know To Be True

Yes, the coffee is always fresh.
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24 Struggles All Tim Horton's Employees Know To Be True

If you're reading this I'm going to assume that you're either a current timmies employee, a self-proclaimed veteran, or an alumni.  Either way, you're the true MVP if you put up with some of the struggles that came along with working at Canada's favourite coffee shop.

And for those of you who have not worked at Tim's i urge you to read on, and try your best to never but your Tim Horton's staff in one of these situations.

Also,huge shout out to anybody who messaged me with their struggles and made this article possible.

1. When drunk people come in at 12AM at a 24/7 location and are confused as to why they can't order a breakfast sandwich.

There is no use even trying to reason with them, because the customer is always right!

2. When you're cleaning the ice cap machine and you get the syrup all over your hands.

It basically feels like you've drenched your hands in super glue.

3. Trying your best to look cute at work, but realistically you're dressed in the saddest shade of brown.

Just embrace it, there is no true way to win that battle.

4. When you're snaking the coffee machine and the hot water burns you.

But realtiscally this has happened so many times that you've built up a pretty good pain tolerance.

5. When people order the huge cartons of coffee at the drive-thru and expect us to sacrifice pots of coffee in a span of 20 seconds because we're timed.

Stress level = 10000000.

6. When somebody asks for a 4x4 (4 cream, 4 sugar) and you immediately judge them.


7. And then there are those savages who order a 8x8.


8. When people get an earl grey tea with sugar and come to the "original" conclusion that it taste like fruit loops.

You'll hear this way to many times for it to be a remotely interesting fact.

9. Regularly getting migraines after wearing the visor for an eight-hour shift.

But honestly feeling semi-naked when you take it off.

10. Constantly smelling like coffee and donuts for hours after your shift.

The stench will never leave you, sometimes even after a shower.

11.  Telling yourself you won't buy any more food from Timmies, but buying a bagel half way through every shift for lunch.

I swear jalapeno cheddar bagels are a very serious addiction.

12. 6 AM shifts.

Enough said.

13. Anytime your friends came in while you are working you just braced yourself for whatever shit they were about to pull.

So, are you going to order a million things off the menu or are you going to pay with only nickles?!

14. When a parent lets their child rip their muffin into a million pieces and you get to clean up after them.

This is so fun, by far the best part of any shift!

15. When people complain about there being too much cream in their coffee.

But the cream is actually dispensed automatically, so it's definitely the same amount every time.

16.  When a customer eats most of a sandwich and then brings it back wanting a refund.

It sure looks like you enjoyed it though...

17. When some hero comes through the drive-thru ordering 25 large coffees for all his pals on a Saturday morning.

And they are all the same size with completely different orders. This gets pretty confusing very quickly.

18. Getting guilt tripped into working Camp Day.

Just keep in mind, it's all for the kids.

19.  Never really having a weekend to yourself.  Mostly

Because even if you book a weekend off work, you're probably going to end up covering somebody else's shift.

20. When customers demands a "fresh pot of coffee".

Realistically all the coffee is fresh, so no matter what pot we choose it's going to be fresh.

21. When Movember rolls around and your boss hands you a beard net.

And this is why most Tim's employees sacrifice having facial hair.

22.  When customers blame you for prices going up, like you had any say in the matter what so ever.

Ah yes, it is definitely my fault that this incredibly huge establishment raised their prices. They always leave these important decisions up to the part-time employees.

23.  Finally getting someone to cover your shift, and then having to wait for it to actually be approved.

Who knew booking a Sunday off to do homework was such an ordeal!

24. Constantly finding hairnets in your car, bedroom and coat pockets.

If I had as much money as I do hairnets, I wouldn't even need to work at Tims!

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