Going to university is great, going to Queens is better, and being a first year at Queen's is THE BEST. It's a whole new world (cue Ariel) filled with beautiful people, sick parties, interesting classes and a whole new level of freedom. Here's a list of the things that will definitely, probably, for sure happen to do when you start school in September.


1) You will hate Western

You probably very seriously considered going to Western, but it matters not once you become a Gael as it is deeply ingrained in you to hate Western. And you won’t even understand why.

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2) You will sign up for way too many clubs.

Queen’s is famous for having over 450 clubs, and you will get over excited and sign up for way to many clubs. You will also receive emails from them all year despite never attending a meeting.

3) You will spend hours searching for books from upper years.

The bookstore prices are just too steep and so instead you will spend hours on the textbook exchange facebook page trying to save any last dime you can. Meeting strangers across the ghetto to exchange the "goods" will feel almost badass. Almost.

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4) You will be in awe/disbelief at all the good looking people

Don’t let it kill your self-confidence too much, someone is for sure walking past thinking the same thing about you!

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5) You will eat too much Lazy

The Lazy Scholar is a wonderful thing that is special to first years at Queen’s. Just remember: pace yourself lest you burn through too many meals equivalencies ( and calories) too quickly.

6) You will spend an afternoon by the pier.

It's not a sandy beach or even a beautiful dock. It is literally a concrete rock mass in Lake Ontario and yet you will love your afternoon spent basking in the sun, crammed full with tons of other students, so much that it's almost as if you were in Mexico.

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7) You will get used to making the walk to BioSci.

It sucks cause it is across campus for the residences, but it has some of the biggest lecture halls so a lot of first year classes are there. Get walking frosh.

8) You will have your mind blown that Stauffer isn’t the only library

Yes it is the biggest, but Douglas is less crowded and is very pretty. In fact it is dubbed the “harry potter reading room”

9) You will get asked how you feel.

Even if you are not in ArtSci, chances are you will be asked/yelled this in your first week at Queen’s. Just do a pelvic thrust and keep walking.

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10) You will get lost in Mac-Correy.

Don’t feel too bad, literally everyone gets lost there in first year. You won’t master it until 4th year (maybe.) Just leave extra early if you have a class there.

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11) You will mess up swiping your card to get into the gym.

And it will be super embarrassing, and everyone behind you will be annoyed, and you will survive. It is kind of tricky. Just breathe.

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12) Will get off the elevator on the wrong floor of your res building.

“….. hmmm something is different.” There are so many floors in Vic and so many wings in Leggett that it's just a matter of time until you mess it up.

13) You will have a bite of CoGro cake and be ruined for life

It is delicious and one of the biggest sponsors of the Freshman 15 (along with Lazy and 241 Pizza).

14) You will go to a house party where you know no one.

But you will be too drunk to care. Chances are it will at a house on Johnson, Aberdeen or University.

15) You will develop a small crush on your Gael/Teach/Boss/Frec/Cape/Coach/Tech etc.

You know it will never happen IRL, but there is something about their school spirit, silly dancing, and perceived expertise that gets your mind day-dreaming.

16) You will wander through Lenoard caf aimlessly searching for your friends

There are so many bodies, and it can be hard to find your friends. Don’t worry though you won’t be the only panicked kid scouring the cafeteria for someone they know.

17) Spend all your flex at Booster juice

It just does not work on the meal plan, but you sadly won’t figure that out until it is too late.

18) You will by an obnoxious amount of tricoloured apparel.


When I asked if it went to Queen’s, I didn’t mean after getting a tour of the whole Frontenac county.

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20) You will go to one of your classes at the wrong time.

There is a lot to balance that first week, and you will get at least one of your classes to realise no one is there and you read your SOLUS schedule wrong. Shit happens.

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21) You will have to act totally sober despite being wasted in front of your Dons.

It is a skill all successful first year students must master. You hear the knock of your door by the dons on call and you and your crew springs into action! You shove as many people as possible into the closest, through the booze bottles under the bed and stand in front of the cups and BAM you're golden. No write up and no essay on the dangers of binge drinking.

22) You’ll get so disappointed that while lectures don’t take attendance most tutorials do.

You dreamed of university being the place where you finally didn’t have to go to class, only to realize that your tutorials take attendance and often give marks based on whether or not you come. Damn.

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23) You’ll be so overwhelmed by frosh week, despite it being amazing.

You will be (almost) too tired to party.

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24) You will be impressed by the amount of school spirit everyone seems to have.

Frosh week is never ending barrage of chants, thrusts, dances and just pure Queen’s mania. And soon your school spirit will be just as impressive.