I could ramble on about all the great (and not-so-great) neighbourhoods in Toronto for hours on end. But if you're looking for a brief description to get the general feel of the area, here's what the some redditors had to say about our beloved city:

1. High Park: It smells like sh*t in the summer.

2. North York: I hope you like Korean food.

3. Scarborough area: Not as bad as everyone thinks.

4. Danforth: East Toronto is the best Toronto.

5. Jane & Finch: Male, 6ft, brown eyes, bomber jacket.

6. The Annex: Hipster Heaven. Oh, and Honest Ed's.

7. Woodbridge: Jersey Shore without the Shore line.

8. Liberty Village: Enjoy your shoebox; you've earned it!

9. Bloor West Village: Everyone has a dog. Everyone jogs.

10. The Junction: The stores close whenever they want.

11. South Riverdale: Parks and a gradually gentrifying Chinatown.

12. North Riverdale: We shop at the Carrot Common.

13. Cabbagetown: Double income, no kids, nice house.

14. Leslieville: More hipsters than the Beaches itself.

15. Moss Park: A preschool beside the strip club?

16. Bloordale Village: not just Portuguese sports bars anymore.

17. Old East York: We have a ravine. Only that.

18. Upper Forest Hill: We finally just got a pub.

19. St. Lawrence: Market (duh), Condos, tourists, and bars.

20. Kensington Market: Has friendly hippies and angry drunks.

21. University Heights: Making eye contact is a no-no.

22. Glen Park: Just Italian and Portuguese people galore.

23. Roncesvalles Village: No more construction! Oh, wait...

24. Harbourfront: Unbeatable in summer, but f*ck winter.