In case you've missed out on our previous posts, Narcity is here to provide you with updates of the hottest Toronto singles you can meet the only way most people meet these days (yeah right you guys met at the library, you aren’t fooling anyone): Tinder.

So for anyone feeling like this:

We've got you covered. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to do all the hard work for you and save those thumbs from some early-onset carpal tunnel by providing you with the cream of the crop in Toronto this week.

Lo and behold, ladies, for all your swiping pleasure:

Hey Robbie, feel free to pull an American Pie and 'accidentally' throw that football our way.

Number 3 on that list fits in perfectly with the timing of cuffing season.

Any takers? Swipe right.

Your wish is our command, I guess.

We aren't sure if you're actually real, but if you are, please give us a call.

Are you sure you're the photographer and not the model?

Between your taste in photoshop, that smile and your Tinder bio, you have won us over entirely.

We would hike the Inca Trail with you any day, Brendan.

Does the puppy come with a right swipe?

You might not own any shirts with sleeves, but that's okay. We can make it work.

And yes, we swiped right.

G'day mate. We are awfully pleased you traded life down unda to study in Canada, eh?

I see cottage weekends in our future, don't you?

You're definitely not 17 and we could totally find true love over a date to Pizzaiolo.

That's pretty deep for a Tinder bio, but we'll take it.

Are we feeling fancy tonight? Hell yeah.

Hey to you, too.

We like your style, and your Tinder profile.

Listen Tom, you look like fun. Why don't we have fun together?

Are those flowers for us?! Jon! You shouldn't have!

Not only are we happy you're here, but we'll take a trip back home to Italy with you any day.

Another Aussie and another swipe closer to our hearts.

Um, are you Ian Somerhalder's stunt double or something?

We like a guy who takes care of himself, and an English accent too? Check mate.

Smith's, Flo's, Fran's... the list goes on. We've got you covered, as long as we go together.